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10+ Cool Gift Ideas That Will Also Benefit A Maine Nonprofit


Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is a great feeling, which can be further improved if it also benefits a local non-profit organization.

My idea for this article started when I was thinking about what to buy my New Hampshire brother for Christmas. He and I started a tradition of buying locally made gifts for each other to support local businesses. Last year I sent him Bangor Police Lieutenant Tim Cotton’s book, “The Detective in the Yard”. (ok, Tim is not a local business, but my brother writes too so I knew this was something he would appreciate)

It made me think how great it would be to support local charities with my donations. So I started researching local agencies that also have online gift shops to support their individual missions. And I found more than a few.

While your kids or grandchildren might not care that the cute toy you bought helps support a local educational organization, the adults on your list might find your gift extra special if they know that its purchase also helps others. So I would suggest including a note, or maybe some literature, to let them know the context behind the giveaway. It could spark a vacation conversation that encourages others in attendance to do the same in the future.

Hope these suggestions help you complete your holiday gift list. And who knows? Maybe you will also find some cool things for yourself.

10+ Cool Gift Ideas That Will Also Benefit A Maine Nonprofit

Giving these gifts to your loved ones would also support agencies that give back to our communities every day.

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