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10 Hilarious WCW Promos Wrestling Fans Completely Forgot About


fans of WCW are getting a little older now; the promotion has been out of service since 2001. WWE’s original programming alternative, Ted Turner’s “Rasslin” show, had a massive impact on the industry. Reminders of the Monday Night Wars still resonate today, and most of the industry’s top draws have spent at least some time in or around WCW. While his legacy cannot be underestimated, modern accounts of WCW’s exploits may leave more contemporary fans with the wrong impression of WWE’s last true challenger.

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Despite its enormous impact, WCW could get incredibly stupid at times. It is, after all, a southern wrestling show at its core. Even though the nWo story seemed more realistic to fans, melodrama and comedy feuds were just as common in WCW. Unfortunately, much of the company’s nonsensical content stemmed from poor booking and ultimately doomed the company. Other times though, were harmless pleasure, intentionally or not.

ten I was Goldust… And Goldust sucked! (WCW Nitro – August 11, 1999)

When Dustin Rhodes made his WCW debut in 1999, he was already used to the weird stuff. He was the performer behind the character of Goldust. His WCW debut was like a bomb; Rhodes played an exceptionally scary character with undertones of child abuse named Seven.

The first segment started off so badly it was funny. Seven floated, that’s right, floated in the ring after shouting to the fans “Fear me!” As WCW fans laughed at poor debuting Rhodes, he dropped his gimmick and proceeded to tear up the character and reminisce about his WWE days. He capitalized on how bad he thought the character was by comparing it to the previous gimmick because he played Goldust and Goldust sucked.

9 Bore-Us Malenko (WCW Nitro – May 4, 1996)

Chris Jericho was probably one of Dean Malenko’s greatest opponents in WCW, with their rivalry being one of the most entertaining moments of his career. Chris Jericho’s charisma gave fans a ton of highlights as they vied for the Cruiserweight and United States titles throughout the ’90s. However, with iconic segments like 1,001 Takes being some of the best content in WCW, the gems of that rivalry aren’t mentioned as much.

Chris Jericho once cut a promo on a cardboard poster of Dean Malenko, which wasn’t even the funniest part of the segment. So he decides to bring in a guest for his segment, a parody of Dean’s notoriously cold demeanor in Bore-Us Malenko. He uses the fake Malenko to taunt his rival in a particularly entertaining way by serving as the ring announcer while the jobber makes his way to the ring.


8 Stars in the Sky (WCW Nitro – November 9, 2000)

Scott Steiner has developed a reputation for his promotional style, which can be absurd but surprisingly compelling. His wild ravings and one-liners have entertained fans for over a decade, though some of his promos haven’t aged well.

While it might seem nearly impossible to forget a Big Poppa Pump promo, one of his less iconic promos came from his days in WCW. The promo was based on astrology initially, but ventured into familiar Steiner territory when he started talking about his monsters. The moment Scott Steiner started bragging about his big ladle, it was nearly impossible not to let out a chuckle.

seven Larry Zbyszko nWo Paid Commercial (WCW Nitro – December 22, 1997)

Larry Zbyszko is one of those names that never goes away in the wrestling industry. He made his debut in 1973 and was a star player with Nick Bockwinkel and Bruno Sammartino. In 1997, when the nWo turned to the new commentator, he was already in the twilight of a busy career.

The promo started off funny simply because of the concept. A humble manager told a legendary wrestler his match at Starrcade would make him famous. Bischoff put together a pretty good promo for their rivalry, even without the help of high-profile stars like Scott Hall or Kevin Nash. His lines were smart and witty, which became Eric’s signature style.

6 I Know You’re in the Building Tonight, Greenberg (WCW Nitro – October 19, 1998)

Chris Jericho rose to fame as a member of the WCW roster, where he reached heights no one expected for such a small wrestler. His time as Cruiserweight and TV World Champion on Nitro remains with his fans to this day. However, some of the best work from his WCW run is forgotten.

Jericho provided fans with three unique elements in one night about his racing feud with Goldberg. First, he is accompanied in the ring by Ralphus, aka the Jericho Protection Services. Afterwards, Jericho repeatedly calls out his opponent “Greenberg” and announcer Gene Mean for good measure. Finally, adding one last sight gag to an already hilarious promo, he tallied his wins over Goldberg, claiming to be 3 and 0 against the undefeated champ.

5 The Bleeping Scott Hall Interview (WCW Thunder – December 06, 2000)

In 2000, the late great Scott Hall’s name was banned from WCW television after legal issues outside of the ring. However, his real-life Diamond friends Dallas Page and Kevin Nash were either unaware of the ban or, more likely, didn’t care what Turner officials had to say.

On an episode of WCW Thunder, Kevin Nash and DDP had an interview segment where the two cut a promo. The purpose of the promo isn’t very interesting or funny, but the two stars drove the promo hysterical by using Scott Hall’s name 15 times. Luckily, the broadcast team at the back had to censor every mention, which made the promo quite comical for fans back home.

4 Bring Your Raggedy Rear Here (WCW Nitro – October 12, 1998)

Scott and Rick Steiner are two huge wrestlers known for cutting hilarious but nonsensical promos. While most people remember the WCW Chucky segments, Chucky’s funniest content was when he cut his own risque and weird Steiner promo on Rick amid the sibling rivalry.

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“Get That Mannequin Out of Here” by Mean Gene while a Chucky doll cackled onscreen is perhaps one of WCW’s best-delivered lines. Whether WCW knew the feature was pure comedy gold is debatable, but Rick and Mean Gene’s commitment makes it even better. Yet while many fans rightly remember WCW’s pop culture ties as detrimental to the wrestling product, Chucky does an incredible Steiner promo.

3 It’s the wall, brother! (WCW Nitro – March 27, 2000)

Every wrestling fan knows that Hulk Hogan has 24-inch pythons, a medicine cabinet full of vitamins, and a problematic past. However, some younger fans may not know that Hogan has eagle eyes and once cut a hilarious WCW Nitro promo filmed outside a Sheraton hotel.

After cutting a generic promo about taking all the challengers and his pal Jimmy Hart spending the evening with the Spring Breakers at South Padre Beach, a spotlight shines on a hotel with a man nearly 15 stories high overlooking the ring . Mean Gene and Hulk Hogan stare at the hotel, and the wide shot makes it almost impossible to see why. Then Hogan yells it’s The Wall, bro; he, of course, doesn’t mean the side of the building because “The Wall” is the wrestler’s name. He tells the wall to come down and fight, which would have taken at least 30 minutes. The segment was silly fun in the early days of WCW. Hogan also said, “if you want some, come get some!”

2 Money, Money and More Money (WCW Nitro – January 4, 1999)

One of WCW’s most infamous moments is the Finger Poke of Doom, which happened in 1999 and was the absolute final straw for the dying company. We often forget the brief unscripted interview Scott Hall did just before the game started. Scott Hall didn’t have a script, but that didn’t matter much because he cut a hilarious promo.

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He made jokes about Goldberg, who he was currently feuding with, but Hall ended up switching targets. He started insulting and toying with the interviewer to significant effect. Even better is when the man tries to defend himself, and Scott Hall lets everyone know behind the back the three reasons he fights in WCW.

1 Take a Look at Us (WCW Nitro – July 29, 1996)

The formation of the nWo is an iconic moment that even fans who weren’t yet born can remember the Third Man’s story almost perfectly. A less famous moment for some fans is the first of the ongoing nWo paid advertising promotions.

The segment was endlessly cool and officially introduced the trio of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan to fans. What makes the promo fun, however, is Hogan’s performance. He’s part Hulk Hogan and the Joker, strutting around and getting overly excited as fans, Hall and Nash laughed at the villains’ crazy antics.