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10 Iconic Filming Locations In Chicago | National


– Venue: Music Box Theatre, 3733 N Southport Ave

Stephen Frear’s “High Fidelity” is an overt tribute to music, to breakups, and to how music helps people through breakups. However, the film also feels like an homage to its setting, Chicago’s Wicker Park.

Based on Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel of the same name, some fans might be surprised to find that the original tale is set in Hornby’s home in London, England, and not Chicago. Despite this fact, the film seamlessly shifts to the hip neighborhood of Wicker Park and features many of its locations – notably the Music Box Theater where our protagonist Rob revisits his second ex, a film critic named Penny, to find out what makes women always break up with him.

The theater has been around since August 1929, two months before the onset of the Great Depression, and thus retains the grand style of movie theaters more akin to today’s opera houses and Broadway theaters. Outfitted with a massive neon sign and marquee, the Music Box describes itself as “a symbol of Chicago’s go-to place for indie, foreign, cult, and classic films,” simultaneously showing high-quality movie re-releases ( including “High Fidelity”) and new releases.

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