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10 Impact Wrestling Tag Teams That Split Too Soon


The team division of Impact wrestling featured some of the best duos in recent memory. Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, and Team 3D showed the best examples of long-term successful teams. However, there have been instances where TNA/Impact has split teams before they should have gone their separate ways.

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WWE is notorious for its desire to split teams to find the biggest singles star, but TNA has fallen into this trap as well. There have even been several instances where TNA has had teams lose matches to part ways under the stipulation. The following teams broke up too soon and could have accomplished much more by staying together.

ten America’s Most Wanted

America's Most Wanted

TNA saw James Storm and Chris Harris become the premier breakout tag team in the early years as America’s Most Wanted. The duo outdid themselves in the face and heel roles over the years until a feud with LAX put an end to them for good.

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Storm and Harris put their futures on the line with a loss to LAX that broke them. TNA did it a little too soon as Harris and Storm treated the water. Storm had to form a new tag team with Bobby Roode as Beer Money to bounce back, while Harris failed in TNA and WWE.

9 Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt

Jay Lethal Sonjay Dutt SoCal Val

AEW recently reunited former TNA couple Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt as a heel unit. Many fans forget that they spent time teaming up, as it didn’t hurt either man competing in the X-Division.

However, there was strong chemistry between Lethal and Dutt that could have played out with a title run. Dutt turning on Lethal in a love triangle storyline involving SoCal Val ended their team before they could peak together.


8 Sarita & Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde Sarita

The Knockouts Division achieved its own tag titles in TNA long before WWE introduced the Women’s Tag Team Championship. TNA booked the makeshift face team of Sarita and Taylor Wilde to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with strong crowd support.

Sarita, however, turned on Wilde towards the end of their run to separate them. The hope was that both women would become bigger singles stars, but this ended up being their last major angles in TNA before each left the promotion.

7 The British Invasion

The British Invasion

TNA paired the tag team of Doug Williams and Magnus in the tag division as part of the British Invasion faction. The British wrestlers were already heels and formed their own group before merging with other heels to form the World Elite faction.

Magnus and Williams winning the TNA Tag Team Championship was the pinnacle of the faction as two strong wrestlers with direction together. Unfortunately, TNA used to stop and throw pushes to break them up before the act had worn out its welcome.

6 AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles Daniels

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels’ rare storyline in TNA has seen them thrive as both rivals and partners at different times. TNA witnessed some of the best tag team matches in company history when Styles and Daniels won the NWA Tag Team Championship and feuded with America’s Most Wanted and LAX.

This run only lasted a few months before Styles started showing a heel side and didn’t want to team up with Daniels anymore. AJ finally profited the following year by becoming a member of the Christian Cage Coalition, but Daniels’ split came before fans were ready.

5 The doll house

The doll house

TNA created The Dollhouse faction back when Billy Corgan was involved in the creation and even helped them get Hole’s “Doll Parts” entrance theme. Taryn Terrell has returned from a wrestling hiatus to lead the heel group along with Marti Belle, Mia Yim and Rebel.

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The group was successful for Terrell winning the Knockouts Championship and pairing Belle and Yim in the tag scene. Taryn ended up leaving again, which caused TNA to lose faith and split the group. The chemistry between the other members could have given them a long-term team if they kept them together.

4 Samoa Joe and Magnus

SamoaJoe Magnus

Samoa Joe and Magnus were one of the most successful makeshift tag teams in TNA history. The two singles wrestlers got on the same page to help add excitement to TNA’s tag division after a few years of failure during the Hulk Hogan era.

Winning the TNA Tag Team Championship helped Magnus build real momentum and reminded fans of Joe’s greatness after a few years of poor booking. TNA eventually broke them up with a feud against each other that didn’t even have much at stake. Both wrestlers remained faces for the next year where they could have continued teaming.



The original LAX version saw Homicide and Hernandez thrive as TNA’s most important tag team for a few years. LAX had a heel race with Konnan managing them in their heyday, but they also regained the upper hand after Konnan left the company.

TNA lost faith in the duo and separated them a little faster than expected. Hernandez’s size caused him to get a singles push into the collapsed top card picture. Homicide rarely had a chance to shine outside of the X-Division and both of their TNA careers suffered for it.

2 Tara and Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke Adams Tara

One of the most successful duos in TNA’s first attempt at a Knockouts tag team division featured Tara and Brooke Tessmacher working together. The two Knockouts stars have developed a close bond outside of the ring for fun social media content to add to the on-screen product.

The two women enjoyed their time together, but TNA broke them up to push Brooke into a bigger role. The idea of ​​getting the best out of every woman in bachelor roles made sense in the long run, but they could have had the bigger Knockouts tag before that to make it matter more when Tara betrayed Tessmacher.

1 Triple X

Triple X

The trio of Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki provided one of TNA’s first hot acts as Triple X. All three wrestlers were amazing in the ring and delivered classic matches early in the tag team division. from TNA.

An epic rivalry with America’s Most Wanted saw TNA want to put something major on the line when splitting up the losing team. Triple X had a lot more to accomplish together and broke up too soon in the loss. Daniels thrived in a singles role in the X-Division, but Low Ki and Skipper could have continued to team up. TNA even attempted to reunite them years later, after the momentum was already gone.

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