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10 Pixar Characters Who Belong In Other Movies


With 26 films and several shorts, Pixar has plenty of characters to work with, all of whom have their place in their individual stories. Still, with such interesting personalities, talents, and lifestyles, some viewers have wondered what other movies Pixar’s characters might do well in, finding that many are suitable for different roles.

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Examples include ladies like Edna Mode from The Incredibleswho is so well suited to leadership roles, gentlemen like UPS Carl Fredricksen, who dreamed of being an explorer, and animals like Doug de At the top, which is the most loyal of pets. The possibilities are endless when imagining other stories and roles they could thrive in.

ten Carl Frederickson Could Train Explorers Like Indiana Jones (Up)

Although Carl missed his chance to explore, except for his trip to Paradise Falls, he still spent his life reading about the remarkable feats of other explorers and the challenges they faced during their journeys. trips. He was also well versed in geography and navigation.

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With such knowledge, Carl would have made an excellent aged mentor to heroes such as IndianaJones. Jones was still looking for another quest that would lead him to some precious treasure in the end. With Carl’s help, Jones could have made even more exciting discoveries.

9 Wallace and Gromit would like Flik’s inventions (Wallace and Gromit)

As a quirky, wacky man with a love of inventions, Wallace of British comedy duo Wallace and Gromit loved when he had the chance to admire the creations of others. Unsurprised by his dog Gromit’s inventions, Wallace wouldn’t mind Flik de The life of an insect to be an ant. Instead, he would be eager to see what the insect had to show him next.

Thus, an unlikely partnership between human, dog, and insect would occur as the three learned to live in harmony. They adored each other’s work and even celebrated their mistakes, knowing full well that without mistakes there would be no path forward for scientific discovery.

8 Rémy would make a great chef in The Princess and the Frog (Ratatouille)

After hiring an alligator to play jazz music, Tiana would have no problem hiring a master chef in her kitchen, even if that chef was a rat. Tiana values ​​talent and hard work, and Remy de Ratatouille has all of this and more, loving to cook with her heart and soul.

The only problem Remy might have in The princess and the Frog would be that he and Tiana think of themselves as the head chef. However, if they could come up with a healthy system for working together, then the pair would be unstoppable.

seven Dug returns to his master, just like the pets in Homeward Bound (Up)

Many viewers know the heartwarming story of Sassy, ​​Chance and Shadow as they try to find their way home against impossible odds in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Their dedication and love for their respective humans are reminiscent of the relationship that UPS Dug has with Carl Frederickson, whom he has chosen as his new family.

Even when Carl fired Dug in anger, Dug still came back to Carl because he loved him. If we give them a chance to go through the history of Back homeDug would have been eager to prove himself as a good dog and get everyone home safely.

6 Lightning McQueen is the fast and the furious (cars)

The fast and the furious The series unfolds around fast-paced street racing, dangerous driving, and epic on-road stunts performed by the best of the best. Considering the personality of Lighting McQueen in the first Cars movie, he would fit right into this series, taking risks, having fun, and competing to be the fastest runner in the world.

Lightning’s arrogance and taste for danger would do him good alongside the likes of Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Connor, and Han Lue. Lightning might even take the top spot as the best driver in the series.

5 Wall-E would help the citizens of Robot City in Robots

Having been created to clean up the planet, Wall-E was quite different from his model counterparts, as he developed a personality for collecting unique items and handling his own repairs. With love for all life, Wall-E would fit in with the main characters of the 2005 film robots as they each strived to prove that life has meaning and that people shouldn’t be thrown away when they become dysfunctional.

Although Wall-E can’t say much and sometimes struggles to get his point across, Rodney Copperbottom, Fender and Bigweld would all love him and his repair skills. They would be eager to add another mechanical friend to their group.

4 Gabby Gabby and her models were as scary as Chucky in Child’s Play (Toy Story 4)

Although Gabby Gabby of toy story 4 turned out to be an unloved doll who only wanted a family, many viewers found her scary and unnerving, but not as disturbing as the mannequins she commanded. The way they pursued Woody and Forky under Gabby’s ruthless command was heartbreaking, especially for younger viewers.

However, if these characters moved towards Child’s play, a horror franchise centered around dolls and mannequins, their malevolent moves would be much more appreciated. Working alongside Chucky, Gabby Gabby and her minions would probably have been unstoppable.

3 Merida could have led the Scots in Braveheart (Brave)

Merida is a fierce warrior with excellent swordsmanship and unrivaled in archery. Her parents trained her to ascend the throne, so she is also well versed in diplomacy and public speaking. Proud of her heritage and her people, it’s undeniable that Merida would have led her people in the First War of Scottish Independence, as depicted in the film Brave heart.

In the events of Brave, Merida fought for her right to live freely and make her own decisions. In Brave heartshe would fight for the same right for all Scots.

There have been a few Dungeons and Dragons movies in the past, and fans are looking forward to the next movie Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves. Although this movie has yet to be released, it’s fair to say that Ian Lightfoot from Ahead would do well as a wizard.

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Having been trained by Barley to recognize every threat and ally in his favorite game, Old quests, Ian subconsciously knows his way around a quest. Even though he’s just a wizard in training, he would do his best to help anyone lucky enough to call him a friend. With a strong heart and a learned love of adventure, Ian would thrive with a chance to use everything he learned in a real adventure.

1 Edna Mode would thrive in The Devil Wears Prada (The Incredibles)

The Incredibles’ Edna Fashion and The devil wears Prada Miranda Priestly are similar characters. Both are at the peak of their careers, neither willingly suffers fools, and both don’t care about their competition, trusting their work to speak for itself in the cutthroat world of fashion.

If they were placed in the same movie, it would be hard to say if Edna and Miranda would become an unstoppable team. They could work together to dominate the fashion industry. Or, they could become bitter rivals, hoping to topple each other’s empire, Edna with her designs and Miranda with her scathing critiques of what constitutes true fashion. Anyway, it is undeniable that Edna Mode belongs to The devil wears Prada.

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