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11 optical illusions that baffled us in 2021


All is not what it seems, and this year, many photos and videos shared on social media prove that it is.

The phenomenon is known as optical illusion, an image that tricks the eye into seeing something different from what was actually captured.

Here are some of the best inadvertent visual tricks that left the internet collective scratching its head in 2021. Can you fix them?

1) Cat with a human arm protruding from its chest

In this shot, Posted on Reddit by user Francis__99, it looks like the fluffy cat has a female arm sticking out of its chest, but what’s really going on?

Well the picture poster assured News week that it is in fact due to the thick fur of the cat, revealing: “My sister’s hand goes under my cat’s right armpit, and the fur on her belly touches that on her arm, leaving my sister’s hand full. alone in his chest. “

2) Girl sinking into the sidewalk

Optical illusion of a young girl who appears to have been swallowed up by a cobblestone walkway that has gone viral on Reddit.
Reddit by user MK24ever

An image of a little girl appearing to stumble across the sidewalk got a lot of noise and rumors on Reddit when it was shared with user MK24EVER in May.

Turns out she is standing next to a wall. Look again, and you will see it.

3) Invisible woman in the mountains

A recent photograph of a ski slope was shared on Reddit by Mystical_Cat, but can you tell the woman snowboarding out?

Tip: Her clothes blend perfectly with the background.

4) Dog oil painting

A photo of a dog has gone viral on Reddit because many believe it looks like an oil painting.
Reddit / Phat Walda

Redditor PhatWalda shared a photo on Oct. 15 with the caption “I took a photo of my dog ​​through a mosquito net that looks like an old painting.”

And it certainly is! Talk to News week, the pet owner explained, “It’s fun to see how a simple iPhone camera, some fall light, and a screened window can capture the beauty of animals and life.”

5) Cat or chair?

A Redditer took a photo of his cat that made him feel like he was a two-dimensional embroidery.
Spacexcake / Reddit

Is the cat in the photo real or an embroidery? Although it’s hard to tell, the text overlaid on the image reads, “Why does Rodney look embroidered on the chair?” “

Nonetheless, people were still fooled by the image of Reddit user Spacexcake, with one person meditating, “Guy with a cat pillow wants the internet to think he has a cat while he eats food. pizza alone. “

6) IKEA or Ocean View?

Stunning views of a deep blue ocean on the horizon was not what it seemed in a TikTok video.

In the clip, which was shared by Los Angeles-based Julie Dean, it is revealed that in fact the Blue Expanse is a branch of a famous Swedish furniture store.

“It’s not the ocean guys. It’s IKEA. I’m scared,” she exclaims.

7) Chameleon hat

Is the hat green or is it brown?

This is a question that consumed Internet users after a TikTok viral video, shared by an account called Oteliacarmen, showed a hat changing color under different lamps. What’s your theory?

8) Woman jumping over the building

This video showing a woman supposedly jumping over a building left a lot of trying to figure out how she got away with it.

In the clip, TikTok user, who goes by his name Ying, was shown walking in the foreground, with his garden shed in the background.

The woman then turns her back to the camera and jumps over the wooden structure, landing behind her.

After that, she puts her hands in her pockets and walks away – she looks like a giant while her garden appears to be the size of a dollhouse, which many think it is.

9) Mythical Tree Creature Cat

A feline appeared to have transformed into a “mythical tree creature” in a snap shared on Reddit by Deathakissaway earlier this month.

The reflection of the tree in the window made the animal appear as a spiky tree-shaped head, and one person even compared it to the Grinch.

10) dress that cuts the body in half

Optical illusions have also caught on this year, with a dress that caused a stir online.

In a TikTok video, a creator called Xojem_ appeared halve its size by attaching an artfully designed dress, the pattern of which has been created to have an impressive slimming effect. Looked!

11) Cat inside the potato masher

This TikTok video is sure to crush your brain in confusion, as it shows a baby cat caught in a potato masher … or does it?

Although viewers feared the kitten had been stabbed, it soon became apparent that the kitten was simply wrapped around the kitchen utensil. Phew!

Optical illusion
An image of a man touching a wall painted to resemble the sky. There have been many optical illusions that confused the internet in 2021