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2 boys leave Chicago-area daycare and head to the grocery store for stickers – NBC Chicago



Two young boys left a playground at their Chicago-area daycare on Thursday to be found minutes later in a grocery store looking for stickers and suction cups.

“I get a call around 4: 00-4: 05pm, my wife is crying hysterically, saying they lost our children,” said Scott Doll, father of Ari, one of the children to walk away from the playground firm.

On Thursday morning, Ari walked away from Kiddie Academy in Oakbrook Terrace with another young boy, telling his father the two had gone to pick up stickers and suction cups at Pete’s Fresh Market, about 300 yards from the daycare.

Scott said the grocery store manager told him employees were calling parents; but when none showed up they kept the boys at customer service. Someone from Kiddie Academy then came to take the boys from the store to the daycare.

The daycare noticed within 11 minutes that the boys were missing when the photos were taken and the two were nowhere to be found. Kiddie Academy released the following statement:

On September 23, 2021, two children left the Kiddie Academy of Oakbrook Terrace preschool playground through an exterior door. The two children were recovered within minutes and returned unharmed. We immediately notified the children’s parents and contacted DCFS to report the incident. We are currently working with DCFS in their investigation into the matter and will cooperate with any recommendations resulting from their assessment.

We care deeply about the children in our care and our community. There is nothing more important than creating a nurturing and safe environment for the children we care for and their families – it is the commitment of our life.

Our team is dedicated to making informed leadership decisions, responding quickly to concerns, aligning with local regulatory bodies, and ensuring that every family’s trust is earned and maintained. We will continue to cooperate fully with the local authorities during their ongoing investigation.

Scott said he chose to remove his children from Kiddie Academy and was looking for another daycare.



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