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2021 Emmy Awards: Notable Trends and Results Sunday


This year could be the first Emmy-winning year for streaming services to win the honor of Best Drama and Comedy Series.

Los Angeles – The miniature decree given to the Emmy Awards on Sunday can be a huge boon to ego, career, and guessing games.

Will “The Mandalorian” succumb to “The Crown” as the best drama series? Can the soothing comedy “Ted Lasso” capture the glory of freshmen? Will Jean Smart be honored as the best comedy actress in “Hack”? (She goes.)

But when the television industry, or parts of it constrained by the pandemic, come together to honor the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, the stakes are far greater.

The ceremony (8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, CBS) is a snapshot of business transformation into the shape of the 21st century. The rapid division of what we see on a small screen and those who cannot see it, and television and its viewers.

The obvious winners and losers will be revealed in 27 categories during the show hosted by Cedric the Entertainer. But personal victories and more than the criteria of success or failure beyond the trophy are at stake.

Here are some notable results and trends both at close range and at wide angle.

Row your boat

Streaming services are set for a victorious evening that casts even more shadow on the status of broadcast networks, including once-dominant cable channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO and Showtime.

Tom O’Neill, editor of the Gold Derby Prediction website and author of the Emmy Awards, said:

The invasion of premium cable, once owned by Broadcast, into the lawn has been gradual. Launched in 1972, HBO had been waiting for 20 years for the first Emmy Awards for Best Series won by Garry Shandling’s comedy The Larry Sanders Show. It was only in the 2000s that “Sex and the City” and “Sopranos” won the highest award in the series.

In contrast, streaming takes place at speeds comparable to Ferrari’s. In particular, we pay a fortune for shows aimed at doubling the service and attracting paying customers.

In 2017, Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” became the first streaming series to win the Biggest Drama Emmy Awards. The following year, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won a victory consensus on the side of the Amazon comedy, which again won the Fleabag in 2019.

You could win Netflix’s “The Crown” or Disney + ‘s “The Mandalorian” by nodding at 24 each. Patience will pay off eventually for Netflix, which launched its on-demand service in 2007 and starred in the first nominated drama series, House of Cards, in 2014.

For Disney +, victory is quick and sweet. It was released in November 2019. Apple TV +, which arrived the same year, could win the first Top Series award for “Ted Lasso”. When that happens, streaming excellence is a punch in the comedy and drama categories.

Dining room

The promotion of diversity is advancing at a much slower pace than the digital revolution, but the number of applicants this year was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Of the 96 acting nods in dramas, comedies and mini-series, almost 44% (42 nominations in total) were for people of color. According to the 2020 census, White Americans make up just under 58% of the population.

Among the highlights of the year are Mj Rodriguez, the first trans performer nominated for the lead role, and “Saturday Night Live”, the first Asian American to compete for best comedy actor. There is Bowen Yang.

The best actor categories in drama are particularly comprehensive, with the 12 nominees for Best Actors and Actresses, as well as Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Light”) and Juliana Margulis (“The Good Wife”). It’s amazing compared to 10 years ago when he was white. “) Winner.

It was in 2011, it is now. Black men make up the majority of contenders for lead drama actor, four out of six, with former winner Sterling K. Brown in “This Is Us” and “poses” star Billy Porter in 2019. Includes first men openly homosexuals to win this category. ..

Half of the top six nominees for the Actress Award are women of color. Jurnee Smollett (“Lovecraft Country”) and Uzoaduba (“Under Treatment”) are black and Rodriguez is Afro Latina.

The story may be different if the final inclusion test is who wins. “The Crown” stars Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin are seen as prime contenders for the portrayal of hapless royal companions Charles and Diana.

Pandemic, part 2

Constraints can give rise to ingenuity.

Last year’s all-virtual ceremony included a decisive closing moment. A trophy courier suitable for dangerous goods wandered past the candidate’s home until the category was called, either giving it a prize or unfortunately stealing it.

2020 producer Guy Carrington said: “Someone joked (an idea) in a meeting, but it always bothered us, so this is the best way to do it. I decided that ‘there was one. “Emmy Award.

This year, around 500 applicants and guests will gather under a charming tent in downtown Los Angeles to take precautions for COVID-19, including vaccine needs and testing. While there are celebrities among the presenters like Angela Bassett, Michael Douglas, Dolly Parton, and Awkwafina, at least one star, Jennifer Aniston, has been outspoken about staying away from virus issues.

Reginald Hudlin and Ian Stewart, executive producers of television shows, said they took the opportunity to reduce attendance.

Instead of being trapped in a theater seat, guests are encouraged to sit at the table and witness and interact with what feels like an oversized dinner party where drinks and snacks are allowed.

“It’s a celebration for the industry to come and sit down together and meet,” said Stewart.

Hello, is there anyone?

Awards, from Oscars to Grammy Awards, have steadily declined in recent years, entering a new depth during the pandemic. Despite the praise of the TV show we dated in COVID darkness, we were not exempt from the Emmy Awards.

According to Nielsen, last year’s TV shows plummeted to an additional 6.1 million viewers after hitting a record high of just under 7 million in 2019.

Some of them are just overload of awards, with dime rituals starting with major ceremonies celebrating their 73rd birthday on Sunday, like the Oscar Grande Dam at 94 and the Emmy Awards.

Then comes the duration of the show. A television broadcast casual three-hour, including commercials, was expected and tolerated in the old world of television. With the new ones, viewers tend to be free to check out the highlights of the event online.

But as Hadrin sees, social media can take as well as give.

“If you want to put on a successful show, people say, ‘Oh, are you watching an Emmy? Mr. Hadlin says, “It’s kinda cool,” so all of a sudden people come in. Because he says, “Yeah, that’s crazy.”

Details were obscured, but the music was playing. Reggie Watts, the conductor of “The Late Show with James Corden”, is the night DJ.

Event producers may not be familiar with cable TV and streaming niche shows, especially those who prefer network shows like ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and CBS’s The Neighborhood. I also recognize. The latter is played by Cedric the Entertainer, the host of the Emmy Awards.

“We sought presenters from many well-known actors, actresses and mainstream people in the industry to reflect popular television,” said Stewart.


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