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5 horror movies where the killer is a woman


There’s no shortage of innovation in the horror movie genre, but a huge percentage of horror movies fall back on the classic male killer/female victim setup. Some of the most iconic and underrated horror films in history are based on a woman as the villain.

In reality, the percentage of serial murders committed by women is probably in the single digits or at most among teenagers. It was a common misconception as recently as the 90s that women just don’t commit this kind of crime, but while it’s rare, the movie world features a wide variety of villains who happen to be women. . Spoilers ahead for every movie mentioned.


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Aoyama interviews Asami in Audition

The magnum opus of cult Japanese director Takashi Miike is undoubtedly this horror piece from 1999. Miike is a hugely prolific filmmaker, making over 100 films during his three decades in the industry. Hearing is an intensely uplifting, thought-provoking and profound film that has been interpreted in many different ways over the years. The plot concerns a widower convinced by a friend to launch a casting call for a new wife. After being immediately enchanted by a woman at the event, he attempts to seek out more information about her and uncovers a series of disturbing mysteries.

Information about his newfound fascination is extremely difficult to come by, and at each dead end he uncovers several missing person cases and disturbing crime scenes. The film’s female lead, Asami, is one of the most menacing characters in horror movie history, and the eventual truth is part of what makes the film a legend in the genre. Hearing is a must-watch that’s also one of the hardest-to-watch movies of all time.


Those only vaguely familiar with one of the most recognizable franchises in horror history know that the killer is usually masked hockey zombie Jason Voorhees. While that’s usually the case, the 1980 slasher movie that started it all got a big twist at the end. The film reveals in its final moments that the killer is not Jason, but his vengeful mother Pamela Voorhees.

This first outing is every bit as silly and exploitative as its many sequels, but in her brief screen time, Pamela is a compelling villain with a strong drive. Her unbridled rage against the camp counselors who let her son drown spills over to anyone who fulfills the same role. The fact that the killer is Pamela Voorhees is a detail that has little impact on the plot or the murders until it is revealed near the end. Pamela is brutally murdered near the end of the film, but she serves as Jason’s motivation throughout the franchise.


Made on a very low budget, Lucky McKee’s directorial debut is a gripping psychological horror film that has developed a cult following. Angela Bettis stars as May, a fragile and lonely young woman who struggles to make connections. She meets people, tries to identify herself and continually finds herself alone.

Amy’s only friend is a carefully groomed doll named Suzie. As she slowly gives in to crippling delusions and overwhelming past stress, May becomes a killer. May is a powerful journey into the psyche of someone actively collapsing. The film is subtle, at least at first, and deeply unnerving throughout. Not enough people have seen Mayand the excellent performances and gripping suspense of the film deserve more attention.

driver movie

Park Chan-wook, the legendary director of the 2003s Old boy and 2016 The servant, crafted this unsettling film as his English language debut. The film was written by Wentworth Miller, perhaps best known for portraying Captain Cold in the Arrowverse shows. shine and Legends of tomorrow. Heavily inspired by Hitchcock Shadow of a Doubt, Stoker is the story of a dysfunctional family, shaken by a sudden tragedy.

When India Stoker’s father is killed in an accident, her previously unmentioned uncle moves in under mysterious circumstances. India’s psyche changes as her life is turned upside down and the bodies begin to pile up, she goes from victim to killer. It’s not a slasher movie, it’s a disturbing piece with a growing tension ever present as the stakes rise. Park’s incredible visual direction and pitch-perfect performances from Mia Wasikowska, Nichole Kidman, and Matthew Goode make this film so much more than the sum of its parts.

Crimson Peak gothic house

Guillermo del Toro’s ninth feature is a hugely underrated gothic romance tinged with ghostly horror. But as any fan of del Toro’s work knows, the monster is never the real villain, and in this case, a woman is the real monster. The film centers on Edith Cushing, an intelligent heiress who is seduced and taken away by the mysterious baronet Thomas Sharpe.

The new couple move into Tom’s decrepit Gothic mansion with his unhinged sister, Lucille. Edith encounters various ghosts, falls mysteriously ill, and begins to uncover the mansion’s dark secret. The film’s big reveal points to Lucille as the real killer. Jessica Chastain’s performance as the villain is absolutely powerful, and this film is as good as the rest of the director’s incredible output.

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