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5 local brands to support this heritage month


Mmule Ramothibe is the founder of Nandikwa Dolls.

@nandikwa_dolls Instagram.

September 24 marks an important holiday in the South African calendar: Heritage Day. Although this holiday commemorates the death of Zulu King Shaka Zulu, many people celebrate this day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many different cultures that make up our Rainbow Nation.

Many of us only wear our traditional clothes on this day and on special occasions, but some local brands have made sure that their customers incorporate their traditions into their daily lives through accessories, toys, clothing. and even household appliances.

Here are 5 brands we should be supporting this Heritage Month.

1. Era by DJ Zinhle

@erabydjzinhle Instagram.

Era by DJ Zinhle is a brand of accessories for women founded by DJ Zinhle in 2012. The brand now offers watches, sunglasses and other jewelry such as bracelets and earrings. The Afro and Asante watch collections have a design inspired by African prints and are perfect for everyday wear.

Prices for the collections currently range from R350 to R749 on the website.

2. Nandikwa dolls

@nandikwa_dolls Instagram.

The Nandikwa Doll brand was founded by Meyerton’s internal auditor Mmule Ramothibe in 2012. It first started making dolls to deal with the shortage of ethnic dolls in the market. Now, the Nandikwa doll line includes dolls with different ethnic hairstyles that wear different clothes in all different cultures, such as Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, Zulu, Xhosa, Swati, Venda and Tsonga.

The dolls retail at R480 each and are available on their website.

3. Zulu devices

@Zulu Instagram.

Zulu home appliance founder Yandisa Zulu recently launched his first electronic product, a kettle. Speaking to IOL, the 32-year-old entrepreneur revealed that he needs financial help to create job opportunities at his company. Zulu also revealed that the brand’s name is inspired by the idea of ​​making it big and will serve as a reminder of where its products come from when sold internationally.

For now, the kettle is available for purchase in the company’s WhatsApp store.

4. Katso Lux Curtains

Provided to the legend.

Provided to TRUELOVE.

Katso Lux Curtains founder Dimakatso Dlamini was tired of seeing curtains made in Italy and other European countries when he visited friends and family. She then came up with the idea of ​​adding a heritage collection to her line of luxury curtains and incorporating South African cultural motifs.

The curtains are available for purchase in the company’s WhatsApp store.

5. Personalized bags Carol Bouwer

@carolbouwerbags Instagram.

Handbag designer and media personality Carol Bouwer last year collaborated with acclaimed artist Dr Esther Mahlangu to design personalized bags that would testify to Africa’s richness and beauty. The luxury bag will be a collector’s item.

The luxury bags are available on their website.


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