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5 TRISHA KRISHNAN Movies That Proved She’s A HOT GLAM D


On the big screen, we didn’t see Trisha. trisha first appeared in our collective consciousness as a television commercial for an infant nutrition product, which is difficult to understand. No one could have predicted that she would become a leading actress in the South Indian film industry at the time. In fact, during an appearance on the late Naiyandi Darbar chat show, she said that she had no interest in pursuing an acting career because her real passion is modeling. Fortunately, she did not follow through on her initial intentions. Otherwise, the film community would have suffered a significant loss.


In this detective film directed by Hari, Trisha plays a typical girl from an extremely Orthodox family. Its purpose was not to be a feast for the eyes of a hero, as was the case in most films of the time. Despite her conservative point of view, she takes the risk of falling in love with a man from another community. She has also become one of the main factors that change the course of the hero’s quest.

It becomes a pivotal film in the careers of Trisha and Prabhas. It’s a simple tale about two powerful guys fighting for the love of a beautiful woman. However, the on-screen chemistry of Trisha and Prabhas, along with the action sequences, helped make this film a huge hit and Trisha a household name among Telugu moviegoers.

It’s a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Okkadu. She plays a damsel in peril who falls in love with the hero who saves her. His character undergoes enormous alteration as a result of this procedure. From a young girl who does as she is told to a strong adult who makes her own decisions and bears the consequences.

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