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A quote from each main character that perfectly sums up their personality


The recent release of The boys The March 12 season 3 teaser left fans of the series with a lot of questions. Some of the main characters, like Homelander, don’t seem to have changed at all. Others, however, seem to have changed a lot. Most notable of all is Billy Butcher, who seems to have overcome his hatred of supes and may have become one himself.

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With each favorite character comes a favorite quote that showcases each character’s unique personality – whether it’s a deep line, a funny line, or a sarcastic line (looking at you, Billy) . So, while waiting for Season 3 to be released in June, a trip down memory lane of these characters’ most telling quotes is advised.

ten Hughes

“I don’t think it’s Morgan Freeman up there or anything, but it can’t all be random chaos.”

Hughie explains why he thinks a missing butcher isn't dead in The Boys

As Starlight struggles at the Believe exhibit, a rather unusual conversation takes place between Hughie and Billy Butcher, where Butcher questions Hughie about his beliefs about God. He responds with the quote above, which is very typically Hughie – a mixture of endearing childishness, entertaining cynicism and genuine confusion.

As Hughie plunges deeper and deeper into the fight against the unjust and morally corrupt system, he struggles to maintain some of his happiest beliefs, and he finds himself at odds with the person he was – the kind of person who probably wouldn’t. thought it might all just be random chaos.

9 Billy Boucher

“I just had to drop by the store. I was a little out of ideas for your goddamn business.”

Billy Butcher in The Boys promotional poster.

This absolutely amazing line happens after Mother’s Milk dared to ask Butcher where he was after he disappeared. After being kidnapped by Homelander and discovering that his wife is being held prisoner with Homelander’s son, Ryan, Billy Butcher is in no condition to answer anyone’s questions.

Always the sarcastic character, this quote is probably the most telling of Billy Butcher’s entire personality – a man hardened by trauma and hardship, whose humor reflects a need to keep others at a distance. Billy is probably one of the funniest people on the show and his direct candor and over-the-top attitude make him some of the best lines.


8 Annie (starlight)

“I’m supposed to be this hero, idol symbol, but I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Erin Moriarty as Annie January Starlight in The Boys

It’s not long after Annie joins the Seven that she realizes that all is not as it seems. The exchange in which this quote occurs is a conversation between Annie and Hughie, where she confesses to him that she is deeply disappointed in what she has done to Vought.

Annie’s bow in The boys is probably the most extreme. She started out as a small-town girl in Iowa, entering superhero contests and sincerely believing that she could one day use her powers for the good of the world. Once her whole worldview falls apart, Starlight struggles with where she and her morals fit in this messed up world.

7 Country

“Sometimes it’s hard to be superior to all the other people on the planet. It’s isolating. And the gods shouldn’t have to feel that kind of pain. Because that’s who we are. You and me. We are gods.”

Homelander in The Boys Season 3

That’s what Homelander says to his son, Ryan, who he wants to train to be a villain like himself. Sure enough, even in a situation where Homelander is supposed to compassionately impart wisdom to his offspring, he’s still unable to hide his gigantic God complex.

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Homelander, although originally introduced as a Captain America character, quickly proves to be the biggest villain of the entire series. His terrifying lab upbringing is enough to earn him some sympathy, but fans expect Homelander to get much worse before he gets better.

6 French

” Hey ! Tell Butcher about the thick penis around your neck! »

boys frenchie

Frenchie’s dry sense of humor is on full display in this fantastic quote. Mother’s Milk is said to be after being attacked by a supe whose superpower is a strong stretchy special limb. Even in the face of danger, Frenchie’s ability to maintain her sense of humor is good morale for the group.

While her character is still shrouded in mystery, her soft side is clearly visible when Frenchie interacts with Kimiko. His compassion and unwavering spirit are just some of the qualities we can see when he uses humor to uplift the whole crew.

5 Breastmilk

“If you’re the fucking reason I can’t finish this Vermont dollhouse, I’m gonna kill you.”

Laz Alonso's Mother's Milk talks to Starlight about her dad on The Boys

This line is said to Hughie after the boys find out he met Starlight in secret while they were all in hiding. Mother’s Milk is exceptionally angry in this scene, but her sweet side still manages to shine through.

Mother’s Milk (or MM, as he would probably prefer) is a hardened man, who is brought back into action by the boys after he has already decided to retire. He has a girlfriend he loves, and most of the time he prefers to be at home cooking tilapia. This quote sums it up perfectly – he can kill you, but most of all he wants to be able to finish his dollhouse.

4 Queen Maeve

“Never let them see you like this.”

This line is probably one of the most important in the Queen Maeve script. Starlight is told when Maeve finds her struggling with the Men of the Seven. She seems to want to help Annie but knows she is limited in what she can say regarding her own safety.

Queen Maeve is definitely one of the most mysterious characters. Although she seems complicit in much of the mayhem and murder Vought and Homelander inflict on the world, her moments with Starlight show an empathetic person, who has been threatened and terrified into submitting to a situation she understands all the consequences of. horrors.

3 Madelyne Stillwell

“If you bring these passengers back alive, no member of Congress will have the balls to vote against our bill.”

elisabeth shue the boys madelyn stillwell season 1

Madelyne Stillwell’s line to Homelander after a terrorist attack begins on a commercial plane says a lot about her character. Here she convinces him that he should go and stop the attack, but not out of a sense of morality for the lives of hundreds of people. Instead, its main reason is profit. In the end, she realizes that Homelander left the people on the plane to die horrible deaths in the crash anyway.

Ever a businesswoman, this quote from Madelyne Stillwell accurately demonstrates her extreme corporate character – she cares about Homelander saving passengers from a terrorist attack, but really only insofar as it helps her to advance his career. She soon discovers that it could end up being her undoing.

2 the abyss

“I mean, yeah, I can talk to fish. So what ? How often do you need to be saved by a school of salmon? »

The boys the deep

While sitting at the psychiatrist’s office, The Deep appears to have lost all self-esteem after being kicked out of the Seven. With this hilarious line, he reflects on the real impact of his superpower and how he feels inferior to other superheroes.

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The arc of The Deep is particularly entertaining. From appearing as one of the main villains at the start of the series after assaulting Starlight to becoming a broken shell of a man at the mercy of a strange new cult, The Deep’s entire frail personality is demonstrated comically. in the quote above, where he attacks with his new insignificance.

1 storm front

“People like what I have to say. They believe it. They just don’t like the word ‘Nazi’, that’s all.

Stormfront flies during a fight scene with Kimiko in The Boys

During Stormfront’s final showdown with The Boys, she makes this very intense statement that people believe what she’s saying, and their only problem is with the word “Nazi.” Luckily for the audience, there is an instant comeback as she is then defeated by the show’s women moments later.

Stormfront, the secret Nazi turned social media influencer shows her true colors in this simple yet terrifying quote. She knows how to manipulate the world to further her hateful agenda, and she will never be stopped unless someone can defeat her. Luckily, someone does – or does?

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