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A quote from each main character that sums up their personality


Few Pixar movies are as beloved as toy story and its many sequels. Although it’s seemingly a simple story about a group of toys, over and over again, it shows just how complex it really is. Additionally, he manages to create many great characters, all of which show that they are as capable of feelings, emotions, and purpose as their human counterparts.

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There are several times in the film series where the main characters utter a quote that goes a long way to basically summing up their entire personality.


“You should never tangle with the unstoppable duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!”

Woody and Buzz Toy Story

Woody is arguably one of the best Pixar characters ever created, and it certainly helps that he’s voiced by the great Tom Hanks. He’s a staunchly loyal character, and although he begins to dislike Buzz Lightyear, the two eventually form a bond that nothing can break.


As this quote makes clear, Woody comes to see Buzz as essentially his other half, and together there’s almost nothing or anyone that can stand in their way (and no one should try) .

Buzz Lightning

“Woody risked his life to save me. I couldn’t call myself his friend if I wasn’t willing to do the same.

Buzz Lightyear is one of Tim Allen’s best roles. Although he can be a bit full of himself at times, and although he is antagonistic towards Woody at first, he gradually becomes quite close to him. This quote demonstrates that he is also a deeply honorable person, which is why he will always have Woody’s back.

He realizes that Woody would do anything for him, and so he considers it his duty as a friend to be willing to do the same.

Bo Peep

“Oh, Sheriff Woody. Always come to the rescue.

Although not as developed as Woody and Buzz, Bo Peep still has an important role to play in the movies. She’s sort of the voice of reason for Woody, as she makes clear with this particular quote.

What’s particularly great about the line, however, is that it also shows how much she appreciates Woody and that he’s the kind of person who will put his own life on the line for the benefit of others.

Mr Potato

“You uncultivated pig. What are you looking at, Ya Hockey Puck? »

Mr. Potato Head hears about Mrs. Potato Head

The late Don Rickles was a great actor, and he imbued the character of Mr. Potato Head with a directness and aggression that was a key part of why he was such a fun character. This line makes it clear that he is not the kind of toy that will gladly suffer fools.

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Additionally, he will also tell anyone in his vicinity what he thinks of them, no matter how insulting or aggressive it may seem.


“I’m going to scare here, but I just don’t feel it!”

Rex is arguably one of Pixar’s sweetest and friendliest characters. Even though he is a toy dinosaur and should be one of the most fearsome, he struggles to find that inside himself.

However, it’s also true that he’s at least some sort of self-aware toy dinosaur. This quote shows that he realizes he’s not as fearful as he should be and he’s not ready to lie to himself or deny it.


“Are you going to take a look at all those freebies? Yes sir. We’re definitely the fodder for next month’s garage sale.

Of all the toys, Hamm is arguably the most cynical. And, like Mr. Potato Head (whom he seems to be good friends with), he’s not afraid to speak his mind. So when he sees a bunch of presents, it makes sense that his first guess is that they’re going to be dispatched.

However, even though he can be a jerk at times, he is still one of the funniest toys in the series.


“Now Woody, he’s been my buddy for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But what makes Woody special is that he will never… never let you down. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.

Andy and Woody in Toy Story

Although the toys take the lion’s share of the movies’ narrative, there are times when Andy, their owner, plays a bigger role. He makes it clear over and over that he loves his toys, even as he slowly begins to outgrow them.

With this quote, in particular, he shows that Woody will always hold a special place in his heart, and it’s a touching reminder of how important toys are to a child (and an adult).

Mrs Davis

“I’m sorry, honey, but you know toys don’t last forever.”

Toy Story Andy and Jessie's mother

Andy’s mother is an even more minor character than him. While she’s not necessarily a villain, it’s still true that she’s one of those who constantly urges Andy to think about what toys he might want to get rid of. This quote in particular shows that she doesn’t have much sentimentality when it comes to possessions.

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At the same time, it’s undeniable that there’s also some wisdom in what she has to say.


“Fresh! What am I going to blow? Hey, where’s that Wimpy Cowboy doll?”

Every Pixar movie has to have a villain, and Sid is one of the best. Demented and incredibly destructive, he’s just the type of kid you should never give a toy to (especially if those toys have feelings). He seems to delight in the simple act of destruction, as he demonstrates with this particular quote.

Equally important, it also shows that he has no appreciation for the value of a toy like Woody, which he despises (even if he wants to destroy it).

stinky pete

“Never mind! I’ve always hated those Upstart space toys.”

Kelsey Grammer has voiced many iconic cartoon characters, including Stinky Pete, another great villain. He is the type of character who is shrewd and manipulative, able to hide his true nature until it suits his purposes to reveal it.

Of course, the brilliant thing about this particular quote is the extent to which it reveals that beneath its evil there is genuine pain caused by the fact that space toys have overshadowed its waning popularity.

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