Home Doll market A T-shirt, a photo and the word “loyalty”: El Burrito Ortega bans Marcelo Gallardo after the elimination of River in the Copa Libertadores

A T-shirt, a photo and the word “loyalty”: El Burrito Ortega bans Marcelo Gallardo after the elimination of River in the Copa Libertadores



No one knows what will happen to the future of Marcelo Gallardo. River’s early elimination from the Copa Libertadores (he had qualified for the semi-finals in the last five editions) cast doubt on Doll’s continued coaching after December, when his contract expired.

DT was heavily criticized for the proposal against Atlético Mineiro and the subsequent elimination. That’s why in times of doubt, many fans came to support him. One of them was the Ortega burrito, who showed up on social networks by benching the Doll.

The idol put on a T-shirt with an image of Gallardo after winning the Recopa Sudamericana 2019 – with the medal and the fireworks in the background – and the word “Loyalty”.

On several occasions El Burrito has shown his deep respect for Gallardo’s work and highlighted his achievements: “Gallardo has given so much to football it’s impressive. It surprises me, it empowered the players who covered my mouth, to guys you haven’t seen with the potential to play River. It is not the same to play here as at another club and he has succeeded, ”he said in dialogue with journalist Lito Costa Febre.

Gallardo’s contract will end on December 31 of this year. Before, back on December 12, the last date of the Professional League will be played. The decision could be made. The direction of River will propose to renew under the leadership of Jorge Brito, current vice-president, who will replace Rodolfo D´Onofrio. As you have done before, you will take your time to assess everything and take stock. But like never before in River’s world, there is a lot of doubt about the doll’s response.

Another point that the most successful coach in the history of the club will take into account is the state of the international market and whether proposals reach him. It’s possible the moment to take the plunge in Europe after so long in one place, where he won everyone’s respect, but now he could choose another challenge.

It won’t be easy for Gallardo to find a sporting project that gives him all the possibilities he has at River, where he manages absolutely everything from the Premier to the lower divisions, with a structure of coaches chosen by him. In another club it will only be DT from Primera. In Nuñez, he directs the stick of the whole field of football.

The financial aspect does not seem to be that important to the coach when making decisions about his career. He is the highest paid coach in Argentine football and so far that was an aspect he did not prioritize. The euros of European football seem to tempt him less than a good sporting challenge. The problem will surely come from this side: can River keep it “lover” of the project or will appear some “the bride” from the outside who blows his head to take up the suitcases?

Emphasis on being a local champion

Gallardo’s goal over the next four months will be to be the champion of a local tournament, something he hasn’t been able to achieve so far. He won the Argentine Cup three times but did not get a league championship. River is seventh four points behind Independiente and will be able to devote all his energies to the home front as he has already been eliminated from the Copa Libertadores and Copa Argentina. Leaving as a champion would be a nice finishing touch in a winning era.

Today at 8:15 p.m. the Millionaire will visit Gimnasia en Bosque de La Plata for the seventh date. It could be the first of Gallardo’s last 19 games at River. December is getting closer and closer.



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