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A teacher advised to flee the house of horror after the discovery of a doll


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A teacher who moved to Liverpool was surprised to find a rag doll sealed into a wall – with a note claiming the doll had killed the previous owners.

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Jonathan Lewis, 32, told the Liverpool Echo he was making repairs to the house he had just bought when he broke through a wall with a hammer to get a closer look at an electrical outlet.

Instead, he discovered an old child’s toy, a rag doll with braided yarn, sitting looking at him through the hole in the wall.

The doll had a menacing note under its small fabric arm.

Lewis, 32, told the Liverpool Echo the note contained a grim message:

“Thank you for freeing me! My name is Emily. My first owners lived in this house in 1961.

“I didn’t like them, so they had to leave. All they did was sing and have fun. It was sickening.

“Stabbing was my choice of death for them, so I hope you have knives.

“Hope you’re sleeping well.”

Despite the date on the note, Lewis is quite sure the doll was placed inside the wall during a kitchen renovation that took place four or five years ago – a construction detail provided by the real estate agent.

Content of the article

He said the paper the note was written on didn’t look particularly aged.

And he finds the incident rather amusing.

He told the Echo that finding the doll made him laugh.

“I’ll be honest, I found the whole thing hilarious. I would probably do the exact same thing,” he said.

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The response from his friends was to tell him to put the house back on the market and flee immediately.

Dangerous dolls have been a staple of the horror genre since the arrival of Chucky in the late 1980s.

More recently, Annabelle is the doll that will scare moviegoers, and the doll in The boy is also completely creepy.