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Adventure Landing will remain open until the end of the year | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record


Adventure Landing at Jacksonville Beach will remain open until December 31.

The water and amusement park at 1944 Beach Blvd. was scheduled to close on October 31 to make way for an apartment development.

Landowner JB Fair Park MF LLC chose to extend the park’s lease until the end of the year after Adventure Landing operators, NRP Lease Holdings, requested an extension in mid-September. It was granted in mid-October.

“We reserve evenings and groups until November and December. We are planning our holiday event now, ”said Hank Woodburn, owner of NRP Lease Holdings on October 26.

Planned apartments

JB Fair Park is working with the City of Jacksonville Beach to secure zoning changes for a 427 unit apartment community project for the Adventure Landing site and adjacent land.

The project covers 53.8 acres, but 38.9 acres include two ponds and conservation easements.

Adventure Landing is 22 acres, but 6 acres are in conservation easement and cannot be developed.

If zoning is approved, the Trevato Group plans to build four three-story buildings with apartments averaging 850 square feet.

The mini golf area at Adventure Landing.

The development would include a club and a fitness area; a parking garage with 400 spaces on four levels; and 454 surface parking spaces.

Customers are notified of the new closing date via the Adventure Landing website, social media and word of mouth.

Adventure Landing features an arcade, water park, go-karts, batting cage, miniature golf, and rides. Until midnight on Halloween, it features a haunted house with 60 actors. The water park is closed for the season.

Woodburn said the park employed around 100 people, rising to 285 in the summer. He said Adventure Landing is the largest employer of youth in Duval County.

Jacksonville Beach Adventure Landing opened in 1995 and is profitable, Woodburn said.

“It was our best year ever. It is our most profitable location, ”he said.

Woodburn said he expects the park to bring in $ 7 million this year.

The Adventure Landing water park is closed for the season.

Adventure Landing on Blanding Boulevard opened in 1997 and closed in June 2021. The remaining 12 Adventure Landings will remain open, including St. Augustine.

Unlike previous years, vacation events at Jacksonville Beach Adventure Landing will not include a skating rink. It’s too late to hire one, said Woodburn.

However, holiday-themed events are in the works. Children can take a picture and say Christmas wishes to Santa.

Plans also include announcing Christmas carols and other festivities.

When Adventure Landing closes, the 22 alligators swimming in the moat will be taken by Gator Encounter.

Future site

The expansion gives Woodburn more time to find a location for a new Jacksonville Adventure Landing.

“We have four to five good potential sites in the greater Jacksonville area. We haven’t finalized one yet, but we’re eagerly looking, ”said Woodburn.

On January 1, 2022, Woodburn expects the park to be closed and all attractions to be dismantled and stored until a new park is built. The 22 alligators swimming in the moat will be taken away by Gator Encounter, a company that deals with captive alligators.

However, Woodburn is hoping for another extension until 2022.

“We have our alligator license in hand for next year,” he said.

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