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American Horror Stories Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers: ‘Dollhouse’


We had a major question regarding American Horror Stories season 2 for a while: What’s with all the dolls? They have already appeared in many promotional materials for the season and we understand. After all, there are a lot of creepy dolls out there! It’s one of the reasons Chucky managed to have multiple movies and now a TV series.

So what is it American Horror Stories going to make it a little different? For now, that remains the overriding mystery…but we know they’re not going to keep us waiting too long for more.

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We’re happy to tell you at least now that “Dollhouse” is the official title for the Season 2 premiere, because it’s already been confirmed. The promotion around the dolls is intended to motivate you for the first episode. Since American Horror Stories is an anthology, they will not necessarily be at the center of the rest of the season! Considering Season 1 had three episodes revolving around Murder House, we wouldn’t be shocked if these dolls showed up at some point down the road.

We know FX/Hulu haven’t revealed too much information about what’s to come here, but they don’t really need it either. They’ve already given you a basic of what to expect here from a weird factor. We just hope the episode is something more than “dolls killing people” given that we’ve seen it so many times before and it would be nice to have something else added to the formula .

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What do you think we’ll see on American Horror Stories season 2 episode 1?

Do you think this show is going to bring us something new from the creepy doll subgenre. Be sure to share in the comments now! Also, check back for more updates… (Picture: FX.)

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