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Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Home



Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a plethora of ways to decorate the area around your home. Decorating around your house will definitely make the whole area look better and a lot more fun. There are many ideas that players can use to decorate their home, but some of these ideas make the whole area so beautiful that other decorating ideas around the house look pale in comparison. Here are 10 of these amazing ideas for decorating around your home.


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Animal Crossing New Horizons: the best decoration ideas around the house

1. Paradise for Mario fans


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This first decoration idea is perfect for Mario fans. The house itself will be a palace, Peach Castle, with towers, as well as portraits of the princess, on either side of the entrance. And there will also be rooms leading to the entrance. If you grew up playing Mario, you are going to love this one.

2. The jungle house

Who doesn’t love the concept of a house in the middle of a beautifully decorated lush jungle? This is the main idea of ​​this decoration around the house. With a few boulders / jumping stones leading up to the house and a small backyard garden, the jungle house decor idea is perfect for anyone.

3. Island house

The concept behind this decorating idea is quite simple. The house should be surrounded by water on all sides. Apart from that, players can choose to add garden decorations to the front and to the side.

4. Vivid garden palace house

A narrow path with a garden on either side leads to a larger space with a fountain right in the middle, at the front of the house. The gardens on both sides of the path leading to the fountain are filled with bright and beautiful flowers. This is what the space around the house should love with this decorating idea.

5. Rock garden and waterfalls

This time, players will want to decorate the area around the house with a rock garden that leads to blocks with a waterfall on either side. The blocks will lead the player home.

6. A book lover’s paradise

This idea is super unique, and what players will want to do here is use custom designs. At the entrance to the house, there will be an open book, taking up enough space, on the floor. Above the book there will be a blackboard, and at the side of the house there will be a small bookcase with desks, a stool and more books.

7. The house with two bridges

The house should be near a waterfall with water going in two different directions. A bridge would pass over the water and lead to the house. And the second bridge would go over the water, the one going in a different direction, and lead to a farm, at the end of which there would be a lighthouse.

8. The doll house

It’s an idea that sees the house surrounded by several carefully placed dollhouses. If there is a river around the house, a dollhouse can be on top of a boulder on the river. A bridge could lead to the house and the whole area could be filled with bright flowers, as well as other decorations, for an aesthetic appearance.

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9. The house with the living room

Some people might think that a seating area outside the house is a weird idea. And yet, with a checkerboard floor, a few plants perfectly placed next to the sofa, and the modular sofa itself, the living room looks great. Visually pleasing and very creative, this decorating idea is sure to turn heads and attract attention.


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10. Island house and meadow

With this one, players will want their house to be surrounded by water. And on the other side of the water there should be a meadow. Place the right furniture on the small island the house sits on, and the area around the house will look like something straight out of a dream.

Here are 10 great ideas you can use to decorate your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


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