Home Doll market ASDA shoppers feel ‘physically sick’ for £ 15 ‘disturbing’ Halloween dolls

ASDA shoppers feel ‘physically sick’ for £ 15 ‘disturbing’ Halloween dolls


Supermarket giant ASDA has made shoppers “sick” with its Halloween dolls.

The line is now available for purchase in stores as part of ASDA’s Halloween line, but not everyone is so enthusiastic.

Buyers looking for spooky dolls to add to their home can choose between a little girl, with a striped beanie and socks, or a clown doll that gives Pennywise a run for her money.

Not only do the dolls look horrible, but they also sway as a scary nursery rhyme plays – if it’s not scary, we don’t know what it is.

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A description for the £ 15 dolls reads: “Terrorize your guest this Halloween with this animated clown on a rocking horse. The doll is swinging on horseback and singing” Ring a ring a rosey “while eyes go out. light up red. “

The doll’s eyes light up red

Videos of the dolls were shared online where shoppers felt disturbed by the dolls, according to the Daily Star.

Commenting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page, one person wrote, “I feel bad.

Another added: “It’s when he activates himself in the middle of the night at the top of the stairs that we have fun.”

While a third asked, “You strangely want this for my house.” Do you think this will scare the kids?

Despite this, other people loved her, as one person shared a clip of the dolls writing, “Asda has improved her Halloween game this year !!”

Someone replied to the message: “Holy shit! I’ll take four!”

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