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Awesome LEGO Pokemon Fan Builds We Wish Were Official Sets


Despite being the largest media franchise in the world, Pokemon still hasn’t landed a collaboration with the popular building toy company LEGO in 2022. With no hint of a project between the companies anytime soon, many Pokemon fans have taken matters into their own hands and created their own custom LEGO Pokémon builds. These incredible fan projects range from recreating popular Pokémon to capturing them completely Pokémon Gold and Silver map in the form of LEGO.

Although Pokemon and LEGO seem like the perfect match given their huge fanbases and matching demographics, the two companies are unlikely to work together. In terms of licensing their toy series, The Pokémon Company has signed a deal with Mattel’s Mega Brand to manufacture “Mega Construx” sets. Unfortunately, Mattel is a major LEGO rival, which is why there was no Pokemon x LEGO release despite huge demand. A Pokemon The LEGO collaboration was rejected by LEGO in 2014 despite a fan campaign rallying behind it.


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Instead of expecting the impossible, many LEGOs and Pokemon fans have come together to create their own builds. There are even forums such as Reddit entirely dedicated to creating these special projects. Although they are fan made, some of these sets are so well made that they could easily be mistaken for an official product. Here’s a list of some awesome LEGO Pokémon fan builds that we wish were actually sold in stores.

Pokémon Shiny Charizard LEGO

Awesome LEGO Pokemon Fan Builds We Wish Were Shiny Charizard Sets

In March 2022, Pokemon YouTuber Brickyard Studios went viral online after sharing their mind-blowing Shiny Charizard LEGO build. The LEGO building enthusiast even uploaded a ten-minute video tutorial that showed Pokemon fans every brick needed to build the massive Kanto Fire-like starter. The Shiny Charizard LEGO build captures every detail of the Generation 1 Pokémon, including the fire that shines from its tail, as well as the red skin under its two wings.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the YouTube channel has now created a handful of personalized posts. Pokemon LEGO constructions such as the legendary Titans Regirock, Regice, Registeel, as well as The Sword and the Shield Regieleki and Regidrago. The incredibly detailed projects are so good that any Pokemon fan would love to buy them as official LEGO sets if they were actually at retail.

LEGO Pokemon Center

Awesome LEGO Pokemon Fan Builds We Wish Were Pokemon Center Sets

As part of the LEGO Ideas program launched in 2008, the user Savath_Rabbit made waves on the site when they released their impressive LEGO Pokémon Center build in 2014. The accurate recreation of the iconic healing center of the Pokemon The series was an instant hit with fellow LEGO fans, who urged the toy company to make it an official set.

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The LEGO Pokemon The construction is full of details, such as Nurse Joy’s healing counter that sits in the center of the building. The amazing Pokémon Center LEGO build also includes an adorable miniature version of Cerulean Gym Leader Misty on her bike from the Pokemon animated series.

LEGO Pokemon Gengar Graveyard

Awesome LEGO Pokemon Fan Builds We Wish Were Gengar Cemetery Sets

brazilian digital artist PokeMocsBR created a Pokemon diorama so weird it will give players nightmares. Their mockup features Generation 1 Pokemon Gengar in a cemetery, surrounded by all sorts of creepy things. There are vines, skulls, bones, and even a creepy bat, to name a few.

This fits perfectly with Gengar’s dark-type theme and would be a great set to pull out on Halloween for spooky trainers who want to celebrate with a LEGO build. PokeMocsBR also brought up other ideas such as a singing Jigglypuff on stage, a Geodude in an underground mine, and Ash from the Pokemon anime show camping with Charmander.

Professor Oak’s Laboratory Pokemon LEGO Set

Awesome LEGO Pokemon Fan Builds We Wish Were Together Professor Oaks Lab

This LEGO set is every budding Kanto trainer’s dream: the place where they choose their Pokémon and begin their journey to becoming the best they’ve ever been. Owning and building this in real life would be the next best thing after actually being there and selecting their starter.

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Not only is Pallet Town’s lab itself perfectly recreated, including the Pokédex on the table in the back and the three starter Poké Balls, but it also includes three LEGO minifigures of Ash, Gary and Professor Oak from Pokemon Red and Blue. The lab wall even lifts up so the builder can easily access the interior. Team BRIQUETTINGThe idea for 1,579-piece Pokemon was created in 2013 but, sadly, never came to fruition. Still, fans can dream that a set like this will one day hit store shelves.

Life-size LEGO Pokemon

As long as the Pokemon existed, fans wished Pokémon were actually real. LEGO master builder Dave Holder almost made that a reality in 2020 when it showed off its life-size LEGO Pokémon builds in a viral Reddit thread. The giant brick versions of Charmander, Pikachu, Togepi, and Eevee have impressed Pokémon fans with their jaw-dropping size.

With the Pokemon With LEGO builds requiring a ridiculous amount of bricks to complete, life-size sets would be a perfect hobby for Pokemon fans. Because the Pokémon franchise originated as an 8-bit RPG on the Game Boy in 1998, Pokémon also look incredibly accurate when created in LEGO bricks.

Pokemon Legends: LEGO Arceus

Awesome LEGO Pokemon Fan Builds We Wish Were Pokemon Legends Arceus Sets

In celebration of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon fan crhj_mocs build a set from real LEGO bricks that every trainer will want. In the game, players earn a Wyrdeer mount and can gallop around Hisui at their leisure – something the builder has perfectly recreated with their model. The themed set features the main character as a minifigure, traversing rocky terrain on the back of Pokemon Legends: Arceus Mount Wyrdeer, which houses the saddle that the protagonist can sit on like in the adventure game. There’s even a Unown hidden behind a rock, which is a nod to the 26 Unowns that players can find scattered throughout the region by solving puzzles related to their location.

Although it does not seem that the Pokemon The franchise will soon collaborate with LEGO, fans have already proven that you don’t need an official product to create the perfect Pokemon to build. With LEGO’s insane customization, the sky’s the limit with what Pokémon players can create. Yet some of these releases are so good that many Pokemon fans wish they were real sets.

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