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Barbie Made To Move dolls available in South Africa


If you are II’m looking to buy a Barbie Made To Move DWell in South Africa, IDo not look any further; Here is Three sites where you can buy the doll.


Barbie has always been the number one doll franchise in the world. As such, Mattel, Inc., the toy company that made the doll, is continually innovating in the industry. One of their latest developments in the Barbie brand is the creation of the Made to Move line of dolls.

However, it seems that finding the Barbie Made To Move doll in South Africa is quite difficult. But don’t worry – there are reputable online stores where Barbie Made To Move doll is available. Some of the online stores that sell the doll also have physical stores that you can visit to purchase it. These stores are shared below.

What is Barbie?

Barbie was first introduced in March 1959. The doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. It is a 29cm plastic doll recognizable by the silhouette of Barbie which, in the years since its introduction, has been the subject of criticism.

The introduction and creation of the doll was led by Mattel Inc. co-founder Ruth Handler, and allegedly the doll was inspired by the German Bild Lilli doll.

In the 2000s, there were reports of a decline in sales of the doll compared to the 1990s and earlier. Nevertheless, Mattel Inc. has estimated that every second two Barbie dolls are purchased worldwide.

Barbie made to move Barbie doll available in South Africa

Barbie made to move The dolls are described as follows: “the dolls have 22 “joints” (including) in the neck, arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, thighs, knees and ankles for incredible range Modern and stylish clothing is perfect for fun on the go.

On the official Barbie website, Made To Move doll is available in a range of Barbies move types, including Barbie Sport Climber, Barbie Softball, Barbie Skateboarder, Barbie Soccer, Barbie Surfer and most popular Barbie Made To Move dolls. , the Yoga Barbie.

Each of the different dolls comes with additional toys, for example, Surfer Made To Move Barbie comes with a surfboard.

Below we share three South African online sites where you can buy a Barbie Made To Move doll. Moreover, one of the advantages of these online stores is that they also have physical stores that you can visit if you want to buy the doll in store rather than online.

1. Take away

Takealot is one of the leading local online stores. As such, it wouldn’t be surprising if the online store sold some of the Made To Move Barbie models.

The Barbie Made to Move dolls available are:

– Barbie Breathe with Me Barbie doll: priced at R639. This “meditation-themed doll celebrates one of her favorite ways to recharge herself using lights and sounds: mindfulness meditation.”

– Barbie Made to Move Basics Brunette Ken Doll: priced at R599. This doll is promoted as a fashionable Ken doll with “a unique sculpted face and braided hair styled in a bun with shaved and flocked sides. Her high-end fashion includes a mesh t-shirt, white jeans and matching high tops.

2. Toys R Us

Toys R Us is one of the most popular local toy stores and carries a wide selection of Barbie Made To Move dolls. Included on their online store is:

– Made To Move Yoga Barbie: priced at R429.90. Included in the package is, “Casual outfits are perfect for on-the-go fun. Each doll wears a gray t-shirt with colorful accents and floral yoga pants.

– Posable Barbie Doll Looks Ken Signature: priced at R619.90. This doll is the same as Barbie Made to Move Basics Brunette Ken doll. However, this one is R20 more.

– Barbie Looks Fully Posable Signature Doll, Brown Wavy Hair: Priced at R619.90. The doll is the female version of the Signature Posable Barbie Looks Ken doll. Describes, “This Barbie Looks doll features a unique face sculpt and shiny brown waves with gold highlights. Her high-end fashions include a high-waisted white skirt, a cropped top with mesh inserts and strappy sandals in T.”

3. Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom has a limited range compared to Toys R Us, but offers different models than those shared above. The online store has:

– Made To Move Yoga Barbie: priced at R439.90. This version of the Made To Move Yoga Barbie is brown with “A fashionable mesh top and colorful yoga pants are perfect for transitioning from training to meditation to relaxation.”

– Ken doll made to move: priced at R599.90. This version of Ken doll is the traditional Ken doll with a twist as she is described as, “This Barbie Looks Ken doll wears a black cut-out t-shirt, black vinyl pants and white tops.”

Final Thoughts

To this day, Barbie is still arguably the most popular doll brand in the world. It’s 63 years since the doll was introduced by leading toy company Mattel Inc. In the evolution of the doll, Barbie Made To Move dolls are among the latest innovations, as the dolls now have 22″ joints “flexible.

Although there is a limited range of the collection available in South Africa, there are several stores, both online and physical, which have put the dolls on sale.