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Best binge mini-series – and where to stream them


Mini-series aren’t the scarce commodity they were twenty, if not five, years ago. Streaming services these days prefer to invest in the short-term production and distribution of a miniseries that focuses on smaller-scale stories, and that is an investment in both services and media. viewers. If a multi-season series requires too much engagement, a show with limited episodes is the perfect solution for sitting down and gorging on a weekend.

With mini-series increasingly recognized and acclaimed in the industry, it will only be a matter of time before they become more popular than traditional TV series. But for now, it’s the 10 mini-series that are exemplary examples of abbreviated storytelling in an episodic format.

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Sharp objects


HBO is a master of the miniseries, and Sharp objects is the first proof. Based on the first novel by Gillian Flynn, Sharp objects follows struggling reporter Camille Preaker as she returns to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, to investigate the murder of two girls. Not only does the series revolve around a mysterious murder, but it provides a glimpse into the cycle of violence and abuse when Camille stays with her socialite mother and secret teenage sister. Amy Adams proves once again that she is one of the best actresses of her generation by transforming into her damaged, alcoholic character in this chilling series.

To watch Camille unbox her life and the case, stream Sharp Objects on HBO Max.

The Queen’s Gambit

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen's Gambit

One of Netflix’s gold stars, The Queen’s Gambit takes viewers back to the 50s and 60s with prodigy Beth Harmon as she thrives in the world of competitive chess while battling alcoholism. Even viewers unfamiliar with chess will find this series exciting as they anticipate Beth’s next move. In some ways, The Queen’s Gambit made chess cool in popular culture today with its captivating game show and ability to communicate the language of chess to those who just watch the drama of it all.

To see Beth’s rise to the chess world, watch The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

Small fires everywhere

small fires everywhere Reese Witherspoon Kerry Washington

Reese Witherspoon knows her calling is to play the wealthy southern white women too privileged for her own good. Small fires everywhere focuses on two families with matriarchs played by Witherspoon and Kerry Washington who both come from different socio-economic backgrounds, and shows how these differences play out in their relationship with and with their children. It’s a brutal series that tells the story of deception and is cleverly detailed. Everything has a consequence in this show, and everyone has a reason for the way they turned out. If viewers liked the gripping story of Big little lies, they will be sure to love this one.

Little Fires Everywhere is available to stream on Hulu.

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Chernobyl is an incredibly complex story, but difficult to convey if viewers are used to the moving tales of Sharp objects and Big little lies on HBO. Nevertheless, Chernobyl has its own voice that has accomplished just as much as any dramatic account of real disastrous events. The five-hour series focuses not only on the physics and legality of the 1986 nuclear fusion, but also on the cleanup efforts and how ordinary citizens have been affected in the long run by someone’s terrible mistake. one else. On paper, it seems rather barren to rehash the “why” and “how” of the disaster, but stellar performances and attention to the multiple narratives of the event provide insight into the long effects of the collapse.

To watch real events unfold, stream Chernobyl on HBO Max.

Easttown mare

Easttown mare is incredibly similar to the previously mentioned miniseries, and it’s quite obvious that these writers know what people love: character-driven stories focused on murder and a dark secret haunting the broken protagonist. Kate Winslet plays a small town detective investigating a local murder and another disappearance of two girls. As the series progresses, it becomes more of Mare’s story about her painful past than one of the two girls’ justice, but the series manages to fold in on itself by finally responding to who was behind it all. this, while concluding Mare’s story with satisfaction. There are more than enough subplots to go around, but it manages to find a sense of place in Easttown that other shows struggle to captivate.

Mare of Easttown is available to stream on HBO Max.

The foreigner

the outsider hbo banner

Once again, crime becomes the centerpiece of a miniseries, but this time around, there’s a supernatural element that makes this Stephen King adaptation stand out. There is a hidden debate of the known versus the unknown that almost mirrors actual conversations about science versus religion, but The foreigner is not strongly politicized in this matter. Ben Mendelsohn’s small town detective character constantly battles Cynthia Erivo’s private investigator character as they both attempt to solve a mysterious case behind the murder of a child, which turns into a heist – strange and confusing head where the witnesses start to contradict each other and well-founded elements of horror begin to appear.

To watch this small town murder turn supernatural, watch The Outsider on HBO Max.

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The act

the act hulu miniseries

The act is a surprising watch, mainly because it’s all based on the true story of Gypsy Blanchard who was abused by her mother due to Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. Joey King disappears as she embraces the role of childish Gypsy, who is convinced by her mother that she is in a wheelchair and suffers from dozens of medical issues so they can cheat charities and organizations. But as Gypsy begins to understand the truth behind her illnesses, her growing independence in sexuality and exploring the dangerous parts of the internet becomes more about revenge than freedom.

The law is available to stream on Hulu.


Margaret Qualley as Alex in Maid on Netflix

Maid is a rare find in the Netflix collection and has rightfully become a highly acclaimed miniseries. The story breaks down the subtle effects of an abusive relationship that the main character, Alex, escaped as she navigates her life as a young mother who becomes a housekeeper to support her daughter. Real-life mom and daughter Margaret Qualley and Andie MacDowell play Alex and bipolar mom Paula, respectively, which provides an interesting insight into how those family relationships are affected when a romantic relationship breaks down. This series has an emotional impact when it’s ready to show the tough times that aren’t always easy to swallow.

Maid is available to stream on Netflix.

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The plot against America

In an alternate story where Franklin D. Roosevelt loses the 1940 presidential election to aviator and military officer Charles Lindbergh, America crumbles under the fascism and anti-Semitism that Lindbergh endorses and encourages. At least that’s what The plot against America photos if that happened. The plot against America is highly politicized, but for all the right reasons. Through the perspective of a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, viewers see how the minority begins to feel less and less secure as Lindberg’s America makes more room for the intolerant monsters of the world. It’s a small take on a much bigger problem, but that’s what makes the show so personal and angry.

To watch this horrific alternate story, stream The Plot Against America on HBO Max.



Kind of like how Chernobyl took a look at the victims of his own disaster, Sick deals a blow to the brain of the opioid epidemic, and which ultimately paid the price. There are several people to follow in this series, and people to hold onto as they all have their own stories that are compelling enough to all fit into this eight-part series. There is the corrupt Sackler family and their sales reps behind Purdue Pharma who created the dangerous Oxycontin; a small town doctor and his patient who both become addicted to Oxycontin; a DEA agent and two assistant attorneys for the U.S. attorney who have worked decades to bring down Purdue. It’s an entertaining light on the chaotic mess that is still a problem in America today.

To see the impact of Oxycontin over decades, watch Dopesick on Hulu.

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