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Black Friday Blink 2021 offers



Blink’s Black Friday deals are a great place to start if you’re looking to upgrade your home with smart home video security. Blink, an Amazon company, makes attractive and compact security cameras and video doorbells. Since this is Amazon, Blink products work with Alexa and integrate seamlessly with many of the other best Black Friday smart home deals you can put on sale right now.

Blink cameras are available in black or white housings so they can easily fit the trim around your home. You can buy the affordable and compact Blink Mini for jobs inside the house, like keeping an eye on your furry friend at home. The size and price of this camera makes it one of the best Blink cameras you can get with 1080p resolution, motion detections, and two-way audio. If you are an animal lover, this camera alone makes the challenges of a smart home worth it.

Blink also has some great deals on its video doorbells, including bundles with multiple cameras. At a time of year when we have so many packages left at our doorstep, having a camera can be an effective theft deterrent. Or at least you could get some clear pictures to send to your neighbors. Video doorbells are also great for friends so that you can instantly recognize who has come to visit them.

Blink’s video doorbell is a good price before discounts are applied to just $ 50. While we’ve seen some big discounts before, the Black Friday price of $ 35 is one of the highest and makes choosing even easier. Video doorbells are also great gifts for someone moving into their first home or for those welcoming a new member to the family who want a little extra peace of mind.

Where will the best Black Friday Blink deals be?

The largest offers are in the Blink Mini video doorbell and camera bundles. The Blink Mini can be purchased for just $ 20 for one or you can get a two or three pack for even more savings. A single Blink video doorbell costs $ 35, but if you want on-demand viewing and two-way audio communication, you’ll want to grab the bundle with the Blink Sync module for $ 60. You can also get bundles with outdoor cameras with similar discounts applied.

When are Black Friday Blink offers available?

Some of the best Blink deals we’ve seen are already available in the days leading up to Black Friday, but there may be even bigger discounts or packages as we move into Black Friday and Cyber. Monday. If you’re looking for a specific component to complete your Blink build, you might find a better package later, but if you’re just starting out, the offerings aren’t going to improve much, if at all.

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