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Boris, Martin Courtney of real estate and more


So many artists, so many songs, so little time. Every week, we review a handful of new albums (from all genres), round up even more new music that we’d call “indie” and talk about what’s coming out of metal. We post music news, track premieres and more all day. We update a weekly playlist of some of our current favorite tracks. Here is a daily summary with a bunch of interesting and recently released songs in one place.


Real Estate’s Martin Courtney is known for his laid-back approach to pop guitar but “Sailboat” from his upcoming album magic sign is new, bolder and louder territory. “For some reason, I always assumed that I didn’t have a ‘license to rock,'” jokes Martin. “This song is my attempt at unlicensed rock. I was extremely lucky to have Matt Barrick, who played on the biggest rock song of the 2000s, ‘The Rat’, on this one. I wouldn’t have couldn’t have done otherwise.”


Barbarism, the debut solo album from former Priests singer Katie Alice Greer, will be released later this month, and the latest single is the ominous “Capitvated.” “It’s a scary song, in my mind, and I wanted to build on that for both the production and the storytelling of the video,” Katie said. “In the video, a woman intermittently experiences time in reverse. She sees a plane flying overhead in a field and moments later it is flying backwards. She is carrying a suitcase full of cash and now wonders where it came from. reverse, she wonders if her experiences ever happened; she wonders if she’s in the present moment, caught up in a daydream or a memory. In the video, we do l experience of her mind’s chopped and blended versions of the two, nothing she sees or remembers (wandering at night, a woman in a yellow skirt, a gloved hand reaching out to her in the field) no longer makes sense to her. her. She loses her sense of reality and simultaneously tries to piece it together with the few unreliable clues she left behind.”


Orlando’s Gillian Carter have been one of the underground shouto scene’s most beloved bands for over a decade, but they haven’t released a new album since 2018. No word on a new album yet, but they just released two new songs, and they rule. They look furious and urgent and they play like their lives depend on it.


Boris shared “Question 1”, the second single from the upcoming third album in their heavy rocks series, and it stays true to the heavy rock theme, while still leaving room for a loud, jammy, feedback-packed mid-section. Pre-order the album on gold vinyl.


Simi Sohota will be released Heaven, his new album under the name Healing Potpourri, on August 5 via Run for Cover. He did it with Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas / Stereolab) who brings his formidable talents as an arranger to the project. “There are more synths, it’s more experimental,” says Simi. “Part of it was just trying to create a full, lush band sound with just me, Jason, Sean and a computer, but the other part was just the swirling fear, dread and paranoia of the era.” It’s the first single.


Rapper Benny the Butcher released “Welcome to the States”, a protest song about mass shootings and racism in the United States. Specifically, the song was inspired by the May 14 shooting at Tops Friendly Market in Benny’s hometown of Buffalo that left 10 people dead and three more injured, almost all black. The song has Benny rapping to the beat of Kendrick Lamar’s “We Cry Together” from Mr. Morale and Big Steps. “Welcome to the United States,” he begins, “where we are dying because of our skin color and our hate-based race/ideologies, now our grocery stores are unsafe.”


Reissue label Light in the Attic has announced the Lou Reed Archive series, which will include albums of previously unreleased recordings by the late Velvet Underground co-founder. The first of these is titled Words and music, May 1965, and will be released on August 26 via the label. The recordings were made with the help of his future VU bandmate John Cale, and Lou mailed the tapes to himself as a form of copyright. Check out this demo of “I’m Waiting for the Man”.


The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess hasn’t just hosted hundreds of Twitter listening parties over the past two pandemic years, he’s also been making music. His new solo album Typical Music will be released on September 23 via Bella Union. “I fell in love with the world again,” says Burgess. “During Covid I read a stack of books, I got better at the guitar. I had a new perspective. I wanted to learn how to be Tim Burgess doing solo records. People have a vision of me in as a singer in The Charlatans. That won’t change. Then there’s me as a Twitter guy. But I just fell in love with the world again and wanted the world to take me with them. That’s the track title.


Rosie Thorne is the alt-pop side project of Mannequin Pussy members Marisa “Missy” Dabice and Max Steen, and they just released their new synthetic single “You’re My Future” on Epitaph. Learn more here.


Doll Spirit Vessel’s debut album, What’s leftis due out in August via Disposable America, and we’ve created the video for the first single “Train Brain Rot”, which you can read more about here.


Nashville country band Teddy and The Rough Riders have been on the rise for a few years, and their fans include Margo Price, who produced their forthcoming self-titled album, and Orville Peck, who recently took them on tour and called them “l one of the best country bands making music today.” The latest single from their album is “Hey Richard”, which you can read more about here.


PHONY is the current project of Neil Berthier, who was at Donovan Wolfington and who is also currently a live member of Joyce Manor, and he will release his new album At some point you stop in July. Learn more about the new single “Summer’s Cold” here.

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