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Business and students offering a Christmas parade for local seniors


IDAHO FALLS – A group of volunteers are teaming up with a local business in hopes of spreading the joy of Christmas to seniors in eastern Idaho.

The partnership between Senior Solutions and Brigham Young University-Idaho students is hosting a Christmas parade for seniors nominated and chosen by the community to participate. The December 4 parade will feature singing numbers at senior residences in the Idaho Falls and Ammon areas.

When the COVID-19 pandemic locked down the community in the summer of 2020, Senior Solutions held a similar musical parade. The group “Old Time Fiddlers” gave private performances at nominated seniors’ residences.

“It was such a rewarding experience that we wanted to bring it back to December,” said Chanse Powell, CEO of Senior Solutions.

The deadline for senior nominations is November 23. Seniors are also free to propose themselves.

“We would like the community to nominate seniors who they believe would benefit from their private concert, which will allow them to have the opportunity to feel appreciated and experience extra joy this Christmas time,” said Powell.

Currently, 15 volunteers participate in the parade, playing music and singing for these elderly people. They will occur outdoors, going from house to house, following COVID-19 precautions.

Not only will seniors get a mini Christmas parade show, they will also receive a letter and a small Christmas gift bag.

If you would like to be visited by this Christmas parade or know of any elderly people who would be interested in having a mini Christmas parade in front of their house can fill out a form here. Seniors are also invited to introduce themselves.


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