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Cave In Get Lost Within a House of Horrors in New Two-Minute Late Night Video for “Blood Spiller”


Cave In Get Lost Within a House of Horrors in the new video made in two minutes late at night for

Stephen Brodsky, Adam McGrath, John-Robert Conners and new member Nate Newton are back with a video for the latest single from their recent album heavy pendulum. The video features the band playing in what looks a lot like a dollhouse, with footage of the band members as the walking dead flash throughout the clip. If the video looks anything like these Two Minutes to Late Night collaborative covers, you’re onto something. Jordan Olds and Drew Kaufman of the late night parody metal show directed and filmed the video.

As it appeared that Final drive would be Cave In’s final album after the untimely death of key member Caleb Scofield in 2018, the gang came together for another record during the pandemic. It is also the band’s first album to be released on Relapse after releasing most of their previous albums on Hydra Head. heavy pendulum will be released on May 20.

“If you presented the calendar for 2020 as a recipe, it might look like this: global pandemic + lockdowns + global protests over the wrongful death of George Floyd + election year = cocktail for the end times,” Brodsky said. “Somewhere in this concoction we found the ingredients for a new Cave In album. ‘Blood Spiller’ is the sound of us swallowing it, making us rip through the horrors within and descend to think it through. the song. »

The video for “Blood Spiller” follows the release of the new album’s first single, “New Reality” and “Blinded By A Blaze.” While “New Reality” was simpler metal, “Blood Spiller” incorporates some of the more artistic elements that have made Cave In one of the most beloved heavy bands of the past decades.

The band will play a few gigs but a full-fledged tour has yet to be announced. They will perform on May 15 at Oblivion Access at Empire Control Room & Garage, then a one-off show on August 6 at Brown’s Island in Richmond, VA. We recently reviewed the band’s performance at the Decibel Metal & Beer Festival earlier this year, where they played their breakthrough Until your heart stops.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat