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‘Chucky’ preview shows killer doll doing frog dissection


Chucky, the killer doll with red hair and the voice of Brad Dourif or Mark Hamill, resisted a lot. Since the years 1988 Child’s play, it’s undergone numerous sequels, undergone a drastic change in tone, enjoyed a big screen revival, and spawned things like comics and even theme park attractions. His next step is television. And a new look at the upcoming SyFy show, simply titled Chucky, unleashes him on a new type of victim: a dead frog.

The show, which is scheduled to air on SyFy and USA Network from October 12, revealed a new preview clip, showing the doll possessed by a serial killer suffering from the banalities of suburban life. In this case, he’s in a biology class with the teenager who found him at a garage sale. It’s frog dissection time, and when the young charge proves reluctant to pierce a dead amphibian with a scalpel, Chucky is more than willing to step up (quietly).

Chucky is expected to arrive two years after 2019 Child’s play, which was a cowardly remake of who started it all minus Dourif, who was replaced by Luke Skywalker himself. This movie did poor business, which may be one of the reasons the show ignores it, choosing to follow the events of the 2013 direct video. Cult of Chucky. Dourif is also back, and at some point another franchise grandmaster will return as well: Jennifer Tilly, who appeared in Chucky’s Bride and helped get the horror series through with a few laughs at camp with wink horror bits. The series has stepped back on that a bit, so we’ll soon see what its iteration takes on the small screen.

You can preview the clip in the video above.

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