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Chucky trailer confirmed to premiere at Comic-Con @ Home


The world premiere of the Chucky TV series trailer will take place during a Comic-Con @ Home panel titled “The Legacy of Chucky” on July 25.

The trailer for the next one Chucky The television series will premiere at Comic-Con @ Home 2021. The slasher franchise launched in 1988 with the original film, Child’s play, which focuses on a mother who gives her young son a “Good Guy” doll named Chucky who is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray. Although controversial upon her release due to fears she would incite violence among children, Child’s play was a huge commercial success, spawning six sequels and a 2019 reboot that made Evil Chucky doll an enduring icon of modern horror. Despite the reboot’s poor box office performance, Chucky creator Don Mancini continued with a new TV series coming to USA Network and SYFY this fall, even giving fans a brief teaser but no footage last month. Now fans can finally expect their first real glimpse of the beloved slasher character’s small screen debut.

Comic Con announced that the trailer for the show’s world premiere will air during a panel at Comic-Con @ Home titled “The Legacy of Chucky.” Starting Sunday, July 25 at 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET, the hour-long panel will take fans on an exclusive journey through the franchise’s decades with behind-the-scenes footage and actor interviews. Franchise stars like Brad Dourif, who originally voiced Chucky, and Jennifer Tilly are set to return for the TV series, which will follow an idyllic American town plunged into murderous chaos after an old Chucky doll shows up. at a community garage sale.

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The cast of the TV show also includes many other established horror actors, including Devon Sawa from the first Final destination movie and Lexa Doig Jason x, the entry of 2001 into the Friday 13 franchise. These newcomers from Chucky combined with the original cast ensure the Chucky the series will both push the mythology in new directions and return to the simple fears that made the 1988 film an instant horror classic.

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