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Cyberpunk 2077: What is V’s full name


Although the full name of Player V’s protagonist was never openly stated in Cyberpunk 2077, it is revealed during a specific story questline.

Cyberpunk 2077The protagonist of , V, has two full names – depending on the gender selected at the start of the game – but is rarely used. More cyberpunk 2077 the characters’ backgrounds reveal why some information is more apparent than other parts, but this aspect of V’s story is more mysterious. Nevertheless, a first quest directly indicates the full name of the protagonist.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077.]

Once players have progressed enough after the initial starting heist in which V and Jackie Wells stole Johnny Silverhand’s building fragment from Araska’s Tower, the “Automatic Love” quest eventually becomes available after speaking with Takemura. The mission is to find Evelyn Parker, which leads V to the dollhouse, Clouds, in the Japanese neighborhood of Westbrook. When meeting a doll, V’s full first name is revealed throughout the conversation. While most Cyberpunk 2077 Character romance at Clouds, V is here strictly for information regarding Evelyn Parker. And, because the dolls have access to a vast database of information (V’s name included), they can get personal with individuals.


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As revealed by Clouds’ doll, V’s full name may be either Vincent (male) or Valerie (female). What’s fascinating about this is that it’s more or less unrelated to the story – or so it seems. What appears to be a minor story detail is actually a profound world-building detail in the protagonist’s overall narrative.

Cyberpunk 2077 – What V’s Full Name Reveals About Their Character

Cyberpunk 2077 Background plays world building role

V’s name, while a seemingly minor detail, plays into a larger narrative. At the start of a game, players can choose between Cyberpunk 2077‘s Nomad, Street Kid or Corpo lifepath. The choice affects the starting stats, but it also affects more than that; essentially, it adds to the lore of the character, which introduces different perspectives of Night City life. In that case, it makes sense that CD Projekt RED didn’t leak V’s full name upfront, because the protagonist is someone trying to figure out who he is. When meeting the doll at Clouds, V responds in this manner after the full name is revealed, “Only people who know me very well can use my real name.This answer indicates that even the protagonist doesn’t like having his real name used and reveals his personality more.

Players can complete the entire story of Cyberpunk 2077 without knowing V’s full name and having a perfectly enjoyable experience. However, it is one of the best hidden pieces of information in the game and it makes the protagonist’s story more intriguing. Moreover, with the potential Cyberpunk 2077 Rumor has it that the DLC gig and 2023 expansion is on the way at some point, players may see more Vs in the future.

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