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Dangerous toys recalled from the market – Odette Vella


The MCCAA recently announced the recall of a number of dangerous toys from the market. This recall was issued after the authority carried out a series of tests as part of an EU project called Coordinated Activities on Product Safety (CASP). Through this project, Member States cooperate with the European Commission’s DG Justice and Consumers to select products and organize testing activities, resulting in greater cohesion in the European market.

The recalled toys did not comply with the requirements of the Toy Safety Directive and relevant European standards. The dangers these toys presented to young children included small parts that could be swallowed and block the child’s airflow; banned chemicals; and/or packaging presenting a risk of strangulation or asphyxiation.

Four of the recalled toys were found in local stores. They were:

• 4-channel R/C Aerobus (code: HURC1101);

• 1213 Toys Baby Doll (barcode: 1287770174561);

• Remote Control Honeybee Vehicle (Barcode: 999800352; Item No: 34681); and

• Wheel King New 4X4 n° 755-3B (bar code: 5356101803923).

All of the above toys have been recalled due to the presence of chemicals banned for consumer products. Chemicals, phthalates, for example, can harm the health of children, possibly causing damage to their reproductive system. The other recalled toys were available for sale to Maltese consumers through online retailers in third countries. A complete list of recalled toys can be viewed on the MCCAA website at www.mccaa.org.mt/news.

Consumers who have purchased these dangerous toys are asked to refrain from using them and, if possible, to return them to the retailer from whom they were purchased. In such situations, consumer law requires sellers to provide appropriate redress to consumers.

Consumers are asked to refrain from using them and, if possible, to return them to the retailer.-Odette Velle

The remedy may take the form of repair, if possible, or replacement of the recalled product with a safe product.

If the seller refuses to provide any of these remedies, affected consumers may contact the MCCAA’s Office for Consumer Affairs if the seller is locally based, or ECC Malta if the seller operates from another Member State of the EU. EU.

When purchasing certain products online, including toys, consumers are advised to exercise caution as these types of products have specific safety requirements and must comply with applicable EU legislation. Extra care should be taken when consumers choose to buy from a seller that operates outside the EU.

First, it is imperative that consumers know who they are buying from. They should look up the full contact details of the seller. When buying a toy, the law requires that the product bear the name and address of the manufacturer and importer, as well as a type, batch, serial or model number or any other element allowing its identification.

This information may also appear on the packaging or in a document accompanying the toy, when the size or nature of the product does not allow it.

Consumers are also advised to check the reliability of the seller. An easy way to do this is to look at consumer reviews online, as these can give an indication of issues other consumers are having. For genuine reviews, always look for independent and unbiased reviews.

Before buying a toy, consumers should also read any safety instructions, age restrictions or other warnings available online to help them decide if the product is suitable for the children they intend to give it to.

If consumers are unsure about the safety-related aspects, they can research the product online or contact the seller for more information.

Consumers are also advised to check whether the product they intend to purchase has been recalled by visiting online recall databases for hazardous products such as Safety Gate. This database contains a list of recalled products in all European Member States.

If, despite all the precautions taken, consumers still encounter a problem related to product safety, they should first report the problem to the seller or the online platform. Then they must notify the MCCAA. Consumers are also encouraged to write a review on the product and sellers to alert potential future consumers. For questions or additional information on product safety, email the MCCAA at [email protected]

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