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Davison schools will not require masks in classrooms this year


Masks will not be required when students in the Davison Community School District return to school in the fall.

Although the Michigan Departmentnt of Health and Social Services again recommends wearing well-fitting masks for students and staff who are not vaccinated, this gives school districts the autonomy to set their own policies on COVID-19 protocols.

Masks will be compulsory on the buses

Students will, however, be required to wear face masks on school buses in Davison. Federal warrants require face coverings to be worn on public transportation, and school buses fall into this category.

A school board member weighs

In an email to Cars 108, Davison school board member Matthew Smith welcomed the move, saying the board’s decision puts the power in the hands of parents.

“Our administration and staff have done a great job managing this pandemic,” Smith said. “The decision to allow masks in school to be optional puts the power in the hands of parents, and quite frankly, that’s where it should be.”

Smith went on to note that while masks are not mandatory, students will have the option of wearing them if they wish.

“If parents prefer their child to wear a mask all day in class, they still have that right,” Smith noted. “I respect either path and prefer parents to make that decision.”

According to WJRT, Davison’s students will return to their respective cafeterias for lunch, and COVID-19 testing will not be required for athletic and extracurricular activities.

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