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Drug addiction and the dollhouse


THE DOLL’S HOUSE, which has been trending on Netflix for three weeks now, is the redeeming factor in Baron Geisler’s career in show business. While his life story is always correlated with drug addiction, the roles he played in most of his films nailed him as a bad boy.

With the whole series of relapses and the news of his bad attitude on set, he was branded a hopeless case. But there was a twist of fate when he played the part of Rustin in the dollhouse.

He made viewers cry. No overdrive. He mostly communicated with his eyes like Nora Aunor. Now it is appreciated. They can see hope in both his career and his transformation.

In the film, some only enjoyed the views of the Netherlands and saw the film as another showcase of a foreign country. But the majority loved Rustin and Yumi’s play and how they showed their blossoming friendship while some understood how hard it is to change.

I enjoyed it all. And I understand the movie better since someone so dear to me was once addicted to drug addiction.

We also thought it was a hopeless case. But the love of family and my brother’s will to change made it all possible.

Now he owns the JJ Valderrama Behavioral Management Center. He is the service provider of Davao Oriental’s and Alabel, Sarangani’s Balay Silangan, a program that builds temporary shelters for drug addicts to transform them into self-reliant, law-abiding members of society.

It participates in the government’s community demand reduction program and other important programs.

Like Baron, my brother, Jerry Joseph “Jay” Valderrama, got lost once but found his way back. Now he helps people heal. For me, he is the most credible person to help people recover from drug addiction because he knows their difficulties and their needs.

People attached to drug addiction need help, not discrimination. They are lost, so they must return home. They need guidance and the assurance that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

But they should not be left untreated as they are not in their right mind. Aside from greed, most crimes emanate from the effects of drug addiction.

They need healing. They need family acceptance first, then community acceptance follows. They need motivation to change while certain external factors can push them to struggle with addiction.

In the movie, Rustin’s attention was diverted to Yumi instead of the drugs. But he was restricted when the family found out who he was. No, I’m not a spoiler. Just a look.

What if he had the chance to be with Yumi throughout his journey? Will it change? Maybe yes, maybe no. But the main thing here is that the transformation can become so real.

And in real life? Do we have a family member, friend or neighbor who is addicted to drug addiction? How did we help him?

If we haven’t personally helped them because we can’t, at least don’t condemn them. Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone, at some point, experiences futility.

Like Baron and Jay, they were once lost and now they can contribute something important to society. Jay with his own healing center and Baron with his acting ability can inspire others especially in show business.