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Dylan Redwine crime: at trial they reveal details of baby’s sordid story before being murdered by his father


Marc Redwin Lives in Colorado, United States, and is charged with the murder of his son. The crime of Dylan Red Wine, 13, in 2012 came after the teenager discovered compromising photos of the man he appears in dressed as a woman, wearing makeup and eating her own excrement.

Dylan redwain disappeared on November 18, 2012, during a court-ordered visit to her father for the Thanksgiving holiday.

After a frantic search by his family and the police, which shocked the United States, part of his remains were found in Middle Mountain in June 2013. In 2015, hikers found miner’s head bone a few kilometers from the first find.

On June 24 of this year, the case took a gruesome turn when, in their opening statements, prosecutors said that Dylan confronted his father about the compromising photos that found on his laptop. The thesis adopted by the court is that said episode was the trigger that angered Mark Redwine and led him to kill his son.

The older brother of Dylan, Cory redwine, said during questioning that his brother found the documents and that he took pictures of them with his cell phone. Overwhelmed by the discovery, he had shown them Cory, who sent copies to his father in August 2012, when Dylan and Mark Redwine they were traveling together.

In the photos you can see Mark Redwine made up, wearing a bra and a dirty diaper; He is also shown eating feces from a diaper or underwear. Cory He told his father he was a “coward who eats my pussy” and added “you are what you eat,” according to text messages released in court Thursday.

Mark Redwine answered by asking Cory “Do not hurt Dylan“Said the public defender Jean Moran. Red wine He also told his oldest son that he was a thief and that he “tried to hurt her” like his mother, with whom they had a custody battle. Dylan, who knew the photos, he was not injured on this trip, despite the confrontation between his father and his older brother, by SMS. However, during the November trip, Dylan reportedly confronted his father over the compromising footage, an action that claimed his life.

Red wine is on trial on charges of murder second grade and child abuse for the death of Dylan.

Mark Redwine, who was arrested in 2017, claims his innocence in the disappearance and death of the child. He said he left his home to shop at 7:30 a.m. on November 19, 2012 and returned a few hours later and learned that Dylan had disappeared.

In the audience, Cory said he had been angry with his father ever since their lack of interest and participation in research operations of his younger brother.

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