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English Dub Review: Shadows House “The Garden Labyrinth”



Emilico shows his intelligence as well as his sweet tooth. It also shows how much she trusts Kate. It looks like Edward, the live doll in charge of the debut, has it for Kate for some reason. He gives them two hours to get their masters out of the labyrinth, will the living dolls arrive on time?

Our opinion :

I’m glad Emilico had a moment to show his intelligence. She has mostly been described as the archetype of the stupid character so far. Of course, she was lucky in the moment when she went to get the candy, but sometimes that’s all we need. There were charms in the candies and when put together they formed a kind of key to unlock the door to the labyrinth.

We are asked another question this week with Edward. For some reason, he wants Kate to fail but can’t for no good reason. Why is he having a problem with Kate? Is it something that comes from above or does it act on its own? Hopefully this show starts answering a few questions before they give us more, but something tells me mysteries are the name of the game with House of Shadows.

Living dolls should save their master within two hours and choose an item to help them. Emilico chooses a wheelbarrow for some reason. I’m sure that will come into play later but his choice is puzzling to say the least. Kate is confined to a bird cage and tries to use her sooty powers as a signal.

We got a response this week because Kate learned that she isn’t the only one with these “sooty powers”, so that’s good to know. Although she seemed to have the best control over them, John seemed to be using his without knowing it. Maybe that explains why she is so hated by Edward?

Other than having more questions than answers again, I don’t really have much negative to say about this episode. The debut continues in the next episode. I was hoping it wouldn’t take that long, but it feels like the big arc of the series, so that makes sense. Hope we have another episode next week and hope this is the conclusion of “Debut Arc”. Not because I want it to be over but because it’s really intriguing!


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