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Experts list the best holiday toys and gifts for the 2021 season



PHOENIX – Record holiday sales are expected this year and just in time this year’s Top 100 Gift List has been released.

The list has been compiled using search data and tracking of the most searched giveaways on Google.

Many beloved TV favorites are leading the way in the toy department, like the Nextflix show “Gabby’s Dollhouse”. Spiderman and Star Wars toys will also be popular. Paw Patrol still plays a big role on wish lists.

For older children, the main gaming trends are the most recent consoles. The hot spot for 2021 is the newly released Nintendo Switch OLED. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox X series are also in high demand online.

For the tech enthusiasts in your life, the latest phones will be popular choices, but the Fitbit Luxe is leading the way. Music accessories are also a safe bet.

Adults are probably the hardest to buy, and kitchen gadgets still play a big role.

The Air Fryer leads the way, followed by the Instapot and many new tools for brewing your coffee at home.

“I think it’s really interesting to see cookware leading the way. I think people are spending more time at home more and more,” said Molly VandenBerg, Google technology expert.

If you want to shop from home first, Google has created a feature just like their theft tab where you can click and search for items, and it will tell you if that price is medium or high.

They also have a price comparison tool between various stores and websites. VandenBerg says the store’s results aren’t based on ad spend – it’s a direct comparison of the numbers.