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Fans Show Wacky Buc-ee Behavior


I had to search for the word “phenomenon” to get an exact definition because I want to make sure I’m not indulging in hyperbole when calling Buc-ee’s travel hubs “phenomena”.

The Oxford English Dictionary says the word describes “a remarkable person, thing or event”. Okay, so it would be a SUBJECTIVE distinction to hang this tag on Buc-ee. But I say it’s appropriate. And I think Buc-ee’s is only a phenomenon because people love it.


I’ve never been there, but apparently it’s worth the trip to Richmond; it’s the only one open right now in Kentucky. And it’s not a very long drive considering how many miles people travel to visit one. Hey, I love a good travel center as much as the next person, but I’ve never been to one that would make me want to drive over a thousand miles to get back there.

But again, I’m not Cody Esser. However, after reading his story, I realized he was a man after my heart.


Cody lives in Austin, Texas, and the Lone Star State is where Buc-ee’s was born 40 years ago. And it was ENTIRELY in the Lone Star State that Cody drove 1,600 miles visiting all Buc-ee travel centers in Texas.

Plus, Cody’s trip really boosts the size of this state. He never strayed far from a central section of Texas the entire trip.

You can find his card and a long list of his purchases here.

how far would go YOU DRIVING TO EAT AT BUC-EE?

But Cody isn’t here. This guy – who I only know as Adventure Stop – recently drove two hours just to EAT at a Buc-ee


It seems like Buc-ee is unleashing some sort of fan mania that leads to…well…say, a couple spending 24 hours at one of the locations in Texas. Seriously, they ate all three meals and snacks in between while living in a converted van. (Honestly, they look like my kind of people.)

Once Buc-ee’s three travel centers open in Kentucky – the other two will be in Smiths Grove north of Bowling Green and Oak Grove near the Tennessee border – I’ll be eager to see what kind of behavior crazy and fun people will find. I am here for this.


By the way, the lines are ALWAYS long heading to the Buc-ee’s in Richmond.

I imagine they always will be.

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