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FCC invests in the community through key programs and initiatives


An annual report released today details how the FC Cincinnati Foundation has given back to the community, particularly in the West End, home of TQL Stadium. The report also highlights key events planned for this year.

FC Cincinnati has continued to meet and exceed the commitments set out in the Community Benefits Agreement. The agreement identifies community priorities that aim to enrich the quality of life in the West End, and FC Cincinnati is on track to meet or exceed these commitments. Highlights for 2021 include:

Some key FC Cincinnati Foundation events for this year include:

“FC Cincinnati and the FC Cincinnati Foundation are committed to improving the lives of children through football and doing their part to foster an inclusive community,” said Kate Solomon, FC Cincinnati vice president of community relations and executive director. of the FC Cincinnati Foundation. “We were excited to return to in-person programming in 2021, averaging more than one community appearance per day in the spring and to continue our work in the West End neighborhood and the Cincinnati area.”

The full report is available here.

About the FC Cincinnati Foundation

The FC Cincinnati Foundation aims to improve the lives of children in the Greater Cincinnati area through football. The Foundation’s mission is to be accomplished primarily through five key programs: School Club Ambassador, Mini Soccer Pitch Builds, West End Pride and Learning Is Cool. These programs help promote and encourage strong academic performance and serve as catalysts for building character values ​​and improving health. The Foundation also serves as the philanthropic arm of FC Cincinnati, making donations and investments to Cincinnati-area organizations that have similar goals and ambitions for area youth.