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Five things: how to complete the reading challenge in costume and pay with mangoes to participate in a storytelling session


We may not have tickets for the MEET but it’s possible to sit in your chair and see exactly where the Egyptian Art Wing or the glass ceiling of the Charles Engelhard Courtyard is. In New York City, otherwise known as The Met Fifth Avenue, #MetKids is where kids connect with the world of fame museum and its objects. An elaborate and intricately designed interactive map brings you both history and imagination. Apart from presenting the thumbnail layout, it also marks famous works of art. For example, a tiny figure from the “bronze statuette of a veiled and masked dancer” from 3rd-century Greece tells us that the seemingly large work is about as “tall as a pencil”. For each work, visitors can discover, imagine and create new worlds, whether interpreting the art in today’s context or even creating a new song for the dancer. The map is a great way to learn about world art, sitting right here on a distant continent, while savoring the beauty of the fantastic. Look for: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/online-features/metkids/explore/

Reading Challenge

Nurture Roots, true to its name, is an initiative of passionate mothers to improve the life skills of children from reading and storytelling in the kitchen and gardening. Although there have been several camps in the past, this new activity promises to tickle our reading taste buds and give us a taste of “reading anywhere”. Called the “Summer Reading Challenge”, it invites children to read anytime, anytime – read to a pet, read in a tent, read by the pool, read in bed, read with a friend, read in costume…you can also come up with your own choice of people and spaces. Identify them in your video while playing and have fun. For more details, log on to 9999957955.

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Birds of a feather

Lego India presents its children’s workshop, called “Birds in Paradise”. This time in the physical space of Neriah Montessori, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, the June 19 session will teach children exotic birds, their habitats and their behaviors. All this, through the use of bricks and blocks, as a way to stimulate their creativity and make learning fun. Children can build their own imaginary birds and through this visualize and create new worlds. For children aged 5 and over from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Rs 650 per entry. To register, go to: https://courses.sundaybricks.com/s/store/courses/description/Birds-in-paradise—Prabhadevi

Tell me a story

“Bhaav – The Art of Storytelling” is the latest offering from the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, where Simi Srivastava, the founder of Kathashala will use different art forms and techniques to inspire your child’s storyteller. The aim is to train children in communication skills and allow their spontaneity and subconscious ideas to emerge. For ages 5 to 14, the workshop will take place in Saket (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and Noida (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.), June 21-26. For more details, visit: https://www.knma.in/bhaav-art-storytelling

At the theater near you

Bengaluru theater hub, Ranga Shankara returns with his AHA! International children’s theater festival with an exquisite lineup of venues from India, Germany, Korea and Switzerland. The opening piece on June 26 is Ee Gida, Aa Mara, a Kannada piece which translates to “This plant, this tree”. Written and directed by Sananda Mukhopadhyaya, the piece will explore the micro-environments that plants and trees house, presented through movement, sound and images. There is also a dance play from Germany (June 27) which is a fun take on the importance of language in communicating. The most delicious part of this festival is the “Mango Party” where the entrance fee is one kilo of mangoes, where you can eat and tell mango stories. Tickets on Bookmyshow.

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