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Former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Apple Watts unresponsive after car accident


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Source: screenshot / Youtube

Old love and hip hop The Apple Watts star was the victim of a car accident that left her unresponsive.

According to The shadow room, Watts’ sister confirmed she was in a car accident with a diesel truck while driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The crash caused Watts’ car to flip several times and she was thrown from the window. His sister added that Watts had a broken spine, a broken arm and a fractured skull. It is possible that as a result of this car accident, she will have difficulty walking, feeding herself and performing other daily activities.

The world was introduced to Apple Watts, née Jontelle Lafaye Watts, during season five of Love and hip-hop: Hollywood. She once worked as a stripper, but when she became a reality TV star, she focused on her music. She had started stripping at age 21 and that led to her acting in music videos. During her career as a video vixen, she starred in videos for Future, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, YG and others. Her transition from dancer to rapper wasn’t as smooth as she would have liked, which she attributed to being a black stripper.

“A lot of black women are shelved and very talented,” she said. VH1 in 2018. “Like Kash Doll – she has to be up there. His skills are ridiculous and his attitude is fierce. That’s how it is in the industry. A lot of black women are not successful because white women and Mexican women are trendy. Black women are overlooked in the world period. LA strip clubs cater to white and Mexican girls. It’s even hard for black girls to find places to dance because of our skin color. I’m not even a dark skinned girl, but my attitude is what they don’t like.

Watts released a single in 2018 called “Fade”.