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Gardaí break up the College Road house party as a large crowd attends a mini-concert


Gardaí had to disperse a crowd after a band played a mini-concert outside a rented house near University College Cork (UCC).

They also plan to visit the tenants of the property soon to discuss possible additional measures.

It follows an outdoor concert, which College Road locals said bore all the hallmarks of an organized event, featuring members of the band, Violet Club, well known on the pub and club circuit of Cork City.

The group, which posted video footage and photographs of the event on its social media, did not respond to a request for comment.

Up to seven band members, complete with drums, keyboards and amplified guitars, took to the driveway of the rented Mount Pleasant property on College Road around 7 p.m. Tuesday and kicked off a concert that lasted about two hours.

They drew a large crowd that gathered in the driveway, on the sidewalk outside and in the gardens in front of neighboring properties.

While there are plenty of rental properties in the area, a spokesperson for College Road residents said there are also many long-term residents nearby, many with young children.

“Disrespect and contempt”

The spokesman described the event as “appalling” and said those involved showed a complete lack of respect and disregard for their neighbours.

“We normally have to deal with loud house parties, with music blaring from the stereos, usually from the back of these rented properties, but this is the first time we’ve seen an organized group like this- here,” the spokesperson said.

Earlier they moved cars from outside the property to allow the group to settle. It was organized.

“A resident, who has a relative living in the United States, received a phone call from that relative later saying he had seen footage of the event on TikTok.”

The residents contacted the owner and the gardaí.

A garda spokesperson confirmed that the gardaí attended the scene and dispersed the crowd, but said the event itself was not prohibited by law and no arrests were made. had been carried out.

He said members of the Community Policing Unit are expected to speak to tenants about the issue soon.

The residents’ spokesperson said the landlord must take action and added: ‘If a landlord controls their home and makes rules not to disturb neighbours, tenants must abide by them.

If in this case the landlord made the rules and the tenants went against it, then the landlord needs to step in, take control, and take action to make sure it never happens again.

Gardaí also called for another party incident in College Road later that night after reports that people were seen partying on a rooftop.

The residents’ spokesman said they had become accustomed to regular disruption in the area on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, as people, mainly third tier students, left nearby pubs and congregated at outside local takeaways.