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Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud – Tradition Preview | Girls Frontline Wiki


Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud is a Girls’ Frontline spin-off, set three years after “Project Neural Cloud” in 2060. The project was a 2-month collaboration between the International Institute for Quantum Science and the Important Operations Prototype Corporation (IOP). Run by the 42LAB organization, with the help of famed artificial intelligence researcher and doll, Persicaria, in the form of a doll made to be an exact copy of her. The player takes on the role of the “professor”, the main researcher of the Neural Cloud project.

During the project, volunteer owners from around the world donated their dolls to the program. Using 42LAB’s “Magrasea Super Cloud Server”, the objective of the test was to create the Neural Cloud system for the second generation dolls through the fusion of various quantum computing and AI technologies. The hope was that the system would grant Dolls additional security and protection of their memory data. This system would help minimize data loss in the event that the Neural Cloud is damaged. The story begins on September 23, 2063, when Persica and a G&K commander investigate what happened three years ago during the project. By uploading their minds into Magrasea, the Commander assumes the role of “Professor”, seeking the truth about what happened three years ago and the original 42LAB Professor who disappeared.

What are Neursames?

A “Neursoul” is a new term introduced in Neural Cloud, but its purpose is already well understood. Neursouls are the equivalent of a Doll Digimind in Girls’ Frontline, and they function and are structured similarly to Digiminds. A Neurosoul Core is a module where all data relating to a doll’s personality, basic commands, and current memories are stored. The modular data within the core is the “Neursoul”. The Neursouls of the dolls are structured in three levels: Level I, II and III, where the basic operational data is stored.

A Neursoul’s data can be saved, but when reset, memories and experiences are not retained. In Magrasea, data from Neursoul is used as a projection of a doll’s appearance on the server. Their Neurosoul projection can replicate clothing, personal items, pets, and other real-world things.