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Help this woman share her “last call” with her late father


What a wonderful memorial to someone who we can assume was a wonderful father. Alabama woman Ty is going viral on TikTok, she needs the help of every trucker we can reach.

Would it be amazing to be a part of it? Whether you are a trucker or can share her story with truckers you know who wouldn’t be a fan of this planned tribute she’s preparing for her father.

Imagine the faces of his mother and brother as they see videos of hundreds, if not thousands, of truckers from across the United States commemorating their father and husband. This is something that I would love to be a part of.

“I need all of my truckers to get on their BCs and do one last thing for me. Say something like, ‘Hey Paper Chaser,’ that’s what my dad was called. ‘It’s been a year and we’re holding on. always on the way to you. Just keep on resting in peace. “

So, yeah, her plan is to share all the videos she gets with her brother and mom before Christmas and the anniversary of her dad’s death on December 26th. This is where you and I come in, the video has already been viewed almost two million times so far, but it’s time to make this woman more viral.

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original sound – Ty

And the truckers are already arriving for Ty and his family. Here are some of the videos she’s already received and shared. Just try to look with dry eyes.

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