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Henry Cavill corrects TV host: it’s Warhammer, not Warcraft


This is a conversation that I’m sure has taken place countless times in kitchens and living rooms around the world as kids, friends and partners patiently try to explain the difference. between a video game world and a table war game world. I just don’t know if it’s already been done so gently.

Going through PC player, below is an excerpt from a recent episode of the Graham Norton Show, a British TV show that invites celebrities, interviews them, and has them chat with each other as the night goes on. Pretty classic late night TV stuff, which is why Henry Cavill was there, because he has a new series of The witcher promote.

The climax of her appearance had nothing to do with The witcher, although; it happened when Norton struck up a conversation about Cavill’s love for War hammer, and in particular how it is all in when it comes to things like painting miniatures.

“You paint … is it WarWorld of Warcraft?Norton asks, beaming not only with confusion, but a little smugness as well.

Cavill’s response is like hearing molten gold poured onto a slide. The rest of the segment plays out quite awkwardly, as the host clearly presents it as some kind of gag, like “haha look at that big hunk he’s actually a huge jerk, what kind of loser plays tabletop war games “When in reality Norton looks a bit of a jerk, a result that was only reinforced at the end of this segment when one of his invited friends – believe it or not, is Spiderman Tom Holland practically begs Cavill to come over to his house saying “that sounds amazing”.

A night of War hammer in Henry Cavill’s house, as the big man greets while Tom Holland stumbles over his first game as a tabletop Peter Parker, sounds truly amazing.