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(Grosset & Dunlap)

This colorful interactive picture book will turn book lovers into magicians. When they recite funny words and use their magical fingers to tap, rub and shake, they make objects disappear or turn into new creations. New readers will be challenged while toddlers will love to follow along. Everyone will want to practice and play over and over again.

Alice Fleck’s Disaster Recipes

By Rachelle Delaney

(Canada puffin)

Alice has been helping her father cook historic dishes since she was little. When his father’s girlfriend puts them on a Victorian cooking show that turns out to be Culinary Combat, everyone is about to find out about their nerdy secret. However, she soon runs into bigger problems with an overly harsh judge and someone sabotaging the competition. In this fun food fiction, readers will cheer on Alice as she faces very difficult culinary challenges while trying to solve a mystery with new friends.

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The doll house

By Charis Cotter


When Alice and her mother move into a creepy old house to help an elderly lady, she discovers an incredibly detailed secret dollhouse. When the dollhouse characters start to interact with her, she cannot separate the dream from the reality. She must find out how these dolls relate to the real house and to the mysterious old woman who lives there. This ghostly thriller will keep readers guessing until the end.

All our hidden gifts

By Caroline O’Donoghue

(Walker’s books)

Maeve’s popularity increases when she finds tarot cards in an old closet at school and begins giving readings to students. However, things take a turn for the worse when she reads for an ex-best friend and then her friend disappears. Maeve’s story and powers are gradually revealed as she navigates her guilt and the world of gender identity, while battling a cult-like religious group attacking gay people. An engaging contemporary love mystery for readers who love the supernatural.


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