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Homeowner finds creepy doll in wall with note admitting murder of previous owners



Liverpool may be world famous as the hometown of The Beatles, but it may soon attract ghost hunters. A homeowner claims he made a chilling discovery in his new home, where he found a rag doll hidden in a wall. The doll had a note purportedly written by the inanimate object, taking credit for the murder of a family who lived there in the 1960s. While most people could see this and run away, the owner, Jonathan Lewis, thinks the farce is “funny.”

The 32-year-old teacher opened up about his bizarre discovery during the Sept. 21 episode of This morning. He had just moved into the new home on September 17 when he decided to look at a strange barricaded hole under the stairs. Inside, he found a creepy rag doll wearing a pinstripe dress and wearing a beanie. It would have been scary in itself, but it also came with a letter, which Lewis showed to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“Dear reader / new owner, thank you for releasing me,” the note read. “My name is Emily. My original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them, so they had to leave. All they did was sing and be happy. I hope. that you have knives. “

“So I’m under the stairs a minute in the kitchen and next to me here is what was a cupboard. It’s just plasterboard and there’s a wire here and I don’t know where it’s going. Lewis explained to the hosts as he sat next to the hole where he found the doll. “I thought I should make a hole here and try to figure out what it was like. So I made the hole, looked inside and that’s where I found the doll. . “

Some of Lewis’s friends urged him to sell the house, but he thinks it was just a funny joke left by the former owner of the house, notes The daily mail. He spoke to real estate agents and his neighbors who all think it would be impossible for the doll to have killed someone in 1961 since the kitchen has been remodeled in the past five years. (Doesn’t matter that inanimate objects don’t kill people … or do they?)

Lewis also intends to make the doll the centerpiece of his next Halloween party. “I think I’m going to leave her there for now and let a few people see her, and then eventually when I’m cooking I’m probably going to take everything apart and then figure out what to do with it,” Lewis explained. “My thoughts are either that this is a joke or that the haunted dolls are real… so I’m going with this is a joke.”

The Haunted Doll is a famous horror story trope, inspiring many books and movies. One of the most famous stories concerns a doll named Annabelle, who inspired Conspiracy, Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle comes home. The doll is in the now closed Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.



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