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“I embarked on the renovation of hell … then I found out that I was pregnant with triplets”


Be careful what you want. When Amy balfour and her husband Victor decided they needed more space after the first foreclosure they came across a charming 550 year old house in the middle of the postcard village of Fletching in Sussex, just a mile from where Amy grew up. “We got a little bored and decided we wanted a project,” she says.

The Grade II listed property had barely been touched in the last century. On the positive side, that meant charming and unspoiled period features. On the other hand, it also meant no electricity, no heating, no running water (just a well in the garden), rotten window frames and rotten dining room floors. That might be enough to put off most people, but not the Balfours.

“It was uninhabitable, but unique as a home,” says Amy, an interior designer turned painter-decorator. “It was like stepping back in time. I don’t like to wait so I started measuring before I even bought it.

Thank goodness because soon after construction began, Amy found out she was expecting triplets. “Suddenly we had a huge panic and we just wanted to be in it,” she says. The couple, who already had their toddler, Eliza, now three, were now on a mission to speed up the entire renovation and finish before Amy gave birth last April.

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