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I want to become a civil engineer, 13 who built the miniature Borno flyover


Talented 13-year-old Musa Sani, who was recently offered a N5million scholarship by the Borno State government after building a miniature prototype of the state’s first flyover at the popular Borno Roundabout customs in Maiduguri using mud, says his dream is to become a civilian engineer one day.

Musa Sani was a student of Abba Kyari Integrated Quran Memorization and School located in Sabon Layi district of Gwange in Maiduguri, Borno State, where he studied Quran memorization, Islamic studies and conventional primary education. He came into the limelight recently after using mud to sculpt a mini-design of the flyover of the famous customs roundabout commissioned last December by President Muhammadu Buhari in Maiduguri.

For his ingenuity in using mud to replicate the flyover, the 13-year-old received 5 million naira from Governor Babagana Zulum for his studies at the Golden Olive Academy in Maiduguri.

Musa’s father, Sani Idris, was a commercial taxi driver for many years in Maiduguri before becoming a commercial tricycle driver due to the austere economic situation. He must find a way to survive for a family of eight children.

The tricycle is also used to transport Musa from their area to his new school.

Musa said Daily Trust Saturday that he has a deep interest and passion for drawing, as well as sculpting objects and structures with mud. “Growing up, I noticed that I had a huge love for writing, sketching and drawing. I also use mud to mold the things I love.

Musa explained, “No one taught me how to draw or use mud to sculpt, whether at school or anywhere else. I believe that Allah has granted me the talent to observe things and objects in the environment and then reproduce them by painting or building them. I am grateful to Allah for this gift and also for the scholarship given to me by the state government to have a good education.

Musa said, “What inspired me to build structures was the love for building important infrastructure around the environment where I live. From my imagination, I used mud to sculpt a flyover that didn’t exist anywhere because I love flyovers more than other buildings and edifices.

Speaking to Daily Trust on Saturday on how he designed the customs roundabout flyover, Musa said: “One day I visited the area which is not far from our house in Gwange, I I just observed how it was structured and built with the roads connecting it to our own town and developed an interest in using mud to design a similar flyover. Alhamdulillah, I managed to design it exactly including the paintings.

Commenting on his vision, Musa said, “My dream is to become a civil engineer in the future so that I can design real structures for the advancement of society. I will focus on my studies to fulfill my dream of becoming an engineer. I will not joke with this opportunity. My main focus now is my studies, especially with the support of my parents.

Responding to Governor Zulum’s gesture, Musa said, “I sincerely thank the Governor for his support and assure him that I will not disappoint him as I will pay more attention to my studies, to achieve my goal of becoming an engineer.”

Corroborating Musa’s claim of being blessed by Allah with the gift of drawing and sculpture, Musa’s father, Malam Sani Idris, said he started drawing and building objects and structures even before to be enrolled in primary school.

“I remember very well that he started his creative work when he was less than five years old because every time he found a paper and a pen, he would write or draw a picture of something he saw in the house or in the neighborhood and later he would develop into sculpting things with mud.

“After observing his God-given talents of constructing objects and designs without going to any training or school, I prayed to Allah to give me the financial means to support his talents by enrolling him in a good school or a professional center to improve his skills, in order to achieve his dream,” said Idris.

“After Governor Zulum saw the miniature flyover that Musa was using mud to sculpt, he personally, alongside senior officials, mapped out our home and offered him a scholarship to harness his talents.

“No one taught him to draw or produce creative works, it’s his God-given talent. I come from a poor and humble background but Allah has blessed me with seven children, including Musa.

“We have no words to express our deepest gratitude to Governor Zulum for only Allah Almighty can reward him and we will do our best to ensure that Musa receives all the support necessary to acquire the education necessary to excel. His mother and I have already made the necessary arrangements to support Musa,” Idris added.

One of his teachers from his former school who does not want to be named told Daily Trust on Saturday that Musa is a brilliant student, adding: “Musa is calm, straightforward and easily understands everything that is taught.”