Immediate online payday loans -Cash advance loans online: Online Application

Cash advance loans online: Online Application

In the United Kingdom, there are currently over 5 million small and medium-sized enterprises (MŚB). Of this number, almost half of them apply for a loan each year. Out of this number, as many as half of the applicants obtain a negative decision by the banks. We have a solution that can help to get financing for companies that have not been granted loans by banks. You may qualify for cash advance online, so just click now and get help from us.

First of all, the business should have a payment terminal.

2 / Payment by card for a dress 3/90% of the sum or £ 90 affects the seller’s account

Why Merchant Cash Advance?

  • You get 100% average monthly turnovers on cards
  • A clear and transparent one-time cost set in advance
  • You make repayments according to the daily percentage set-up (see example above)
  • A high percentage of acceptance of the application while meeting the basic criteria
  • Quick Decision and a quick application process
  • You do not have to risk your home (we also accept people who rent apartments)
  • The possibility of ‘picking’ another loan after paying off at least half of the installments originally taken


  • You do not pay a fixed monthly high installment like in banks
  • You do not have to change your terminal to receive this financing
  • We do not need a Business Plan from you, as banks have a habit to require
  • We do not have hidden fees
  • There are no penalties for early repayment
  • There are no fines for late repayment
  • You pay only when you have receipts from the terminal (when customers pay you with cards)
  • You can devote cash for any purpose – we do not go into what you spend your money on

How much is it?

This question has no unequivocal answer because the final decision depends on several factors (eg on the category in which a given business is located).

Sometimes the cost of such a loan is 9 pence from each pound borrowed. However, there are also businesses with a higher degree of risk and then the total cost of such a loan may look as follows: We borrow £ 25,000 and payback daily from the turnover at 11% of our daily revenue until we pay back £ 30,000 (previously agreed amount with at the expense of). So the total cost, in this case, is £ 5,000. Is it a lot or not. Let’s examine.

Example. Suppose we have a restaurant for 5 tables for 4 people, at each table. Each person is £ 25 for us. With 10 rounds we have a refund of the Business Cash Advance loan.

It should be remembered that this was an example of a business loan with a higher installment for repayment. Usually, it is less.

What are your company’s development plans for the next 6-12 months?


  • It does not affect your credit rating
  • You do not risk your property
  • Funding available immediately
  • You allocate money for any purpose
  • We require a minimum number of documents
  • renewability
  • You pay back only when you have card receipts
  • Transparent fees
  • We do not interfere in your cash turnover (cash sales)
  • You keep 100% control

For whom?

We accept mainly businesses such as:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Hairdressing
  • Beauty salons
  • B & B’s
  • boutiques
  • Clothing stores
  • Gift shops
  • Dental office
  • veterinary
  • Car Mechanics (MOT, Garages)

Others that we can consider:

  • Furniture
  • Theaters
  • Luxury goods
  • Businesses without an address

We do not accept:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Real estate agents
  • Brokers and other Financial Services
  • Car dealers
  • Concert organizers
  • Debt Management

Attention NEW!

We can also take into account the combined sales of cards and cash to increase the amount of the granted limit.

£ 50k where £ 25k card and £ 25k cash,

30% repayment of daily revenue.

The cost is 12.4 pence for each pound borrowed. Total to repay £ 62,000.


  • Do we support self-employed (sole traders) and partner companies (Partnerships)?

Yes. All kinds

  • Can we help a person renting a flat/flat?

Yes. The customer does not have to be the homeowner to get support.

  • Can we help if someone has a tragic credit history?

Yes, it is important that the customer is honest.

  • If we reject the application, is there any chance of considering it again?

It depends on the circumstances why the application was rejected. In any case, please let me know if the financial situation changes

  • Are we checking the applicant’s credit history and whether there is a trace?

We make so-called ” medium search ”. However, we do not send monthly reports to credit agencies.

  • How will I know what my balance is?

You will receive a monthly summary

  • Is there a fixed repayment installment like in banks?

No. The repayment depends on your daily turnover on the cards.