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Is there a plan for that empty business along Hwy 37 in Toms River


There are many businesses across the country, state, and here in Ocean County that are empty, but instead of looking at it as a negative, can we look at it as an opportunity? Can an empty slot mean a possible new start for another idea?

This place I’m talking about is an old 7-11 on Route 37 near Oakside Drive. This place has been dark for a while, now maybe there’s a plan? But I have no information on this development.

Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

It’s the same 7-11 I went to as a kid to get my slurpee, baseball cards, bazooka and wacky packages at. We sat outside on the right of the building and enjoyed our slurpee while flipping our baseball cards. Yes some days I was winning other days I was going home with no card not even a Cubs card lol

Sad to see the old dark place, but things have to move and that’s the question behind this update, what will happen to a place with lots of traffic every day 365 days a year.

Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

Let’s throw in some ideas and see what YOU think would make a good replacement? Something replacing the existing building or something new built from scratch?

Could it be that this area is already too crowded? This new business is not the answer? So what? Let’s see what you think and post your comments below 👇🏻

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