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It’s a New Jersey Christmas tradition that won’t change



There have been a lot of changes over the past 18 months because of the virus. Changes we could never expect. It has changed the way we socialize, the way we shop, the way we educate our children, the way they work and play. With the restrictions, we have to fend for ourselves and adjust our lives to try and recover our normal activities and traditions.

Well I am happy to say that a tradition will not change and is not affected by the virus. On Christmas Eve I will be doing my Big Joe Christmas Eve Spectacular as I have been doing for 22 years.

It’s one of my favorite shows that offers old-fashioned family radio entertainment. It starts at 5:00 p.m. on New Jersey 101.5 and the show will of course be available on our resort app, so if you know any friends or relatives out of town who miss New Jersey and want to join us for the classics Christmas and Holiday successes, tell them to download the app for free.

It’s a fun show where I take your Holiday Hit requests and autographs; Traffic fast Bob Williams runs the New Jersey 101.5 Santa Claus Tracking Station and follows Santa’s progress as he heads to the Great Garden State.

Big Joe Henry – Townsquaure Media

We’re going to light a roaring fire and I read The Night Before Christmas. It’s a five hour show filled with great holiday music, holiday greetings and traditions. I hope you will have the chance to join me; it is tradition that brings a little warmth and vagueness to your vacation. Looking forward to being with you on Christmas Eve.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of Big Joe Henry, host of the New Jersey 101.5 Weekend. All opinions expressed are those of Big Joe.

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